Adding your license plate

Mapiq already provides employees to book a parking spot in their parking lot. Access to the parking lot can be achieved through multiple ways, some gates are automated where others require you to hold a badge before a sensor. Another possibility is to read the license plate. To support as many options as possible, it is possible to add your license plate.

  Integration necessary

Be aware that by simply adding a license plate to Mapiq does not directly mean the gate opens automatically. The correct systems must be in place and an active integration would need to be built before that is possible.

Applies to

All customers that have parking enabled in their environment.

Adding a license plate

Adding a license plate is an easily achieved through Your Profile follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Your Profile .
  2. Scroll down until you see License plate and press the + icon.
  3. A new window opens, and you can enter your license plate, press OK when finished.

That's it all there is to it. Depending on your organization a license plate could be mandatory to enter the parking lot, always check with your organization if there are more requirements.

  1 license plate allowed

Currently, the app only supports employees by adding a single license plate.

Deleting or swapping license plates

The app currently only allows you to add one license plate, however, nowadays having multiple cars is not out of the ordinary. To work around this limitation you can easily delete your license plate and add a new one.  Simply go to Your profile   and delete it through the trash can icon. From there repeat the steps to add a license plate and add the license plate you use want to make a booking with.

  Swap before booking

The information about your license plate is sent to the system when a booking is made. Therefore, it is crucial, when swapping license plates, it is done prior to the booking creation. What is good to know that the system only knows the latest license plate configured. If you swapped license plates than historical bookings will show your latest configured license plate.

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