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Mapiq helps build meaningful workdays. We unleash magic by bringing people together in the age of hybrid working. 

Now, we have connections in the Mapiq app that help people to see when coworkers will be in the office. However nice, this isn’t enough for people who actually want to meet up with others in their workday. For either work-related or leisure activities, people would like to make sure certain others will be physically present on-site. 

The first step: being able to invite each other to come to the office.

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Group bookings are available to all users of Mapiq.

A group booking

Before creating a group booking, it might be good to know exactly what this will trigger. Go through the overview below for clarification.

Where can I create a group booking?

A group booking can be created by going through the booking flow. We'll go through the steps a bit later in this article, but when opening the normal booking flow you have the option to add Invitees. Once you add Invitees a booking is directly marked as a group booking.

Do I get a notification about a group booking?

Yes you can, however, you can also choose to disable these notifications. A notification can be shared through email or a push notification. When clicking on the link, you'll automatically bring you to the right location in the app.

What does an invitee need to do to participate in the group booking?

A group booking works based on accepting and declining a group booking. Invitees receive a notification (in-app at least) to accept or decline a group booking. Once accepted the user is part of a group booking and doesn't have to do anything else. An invitee can later on, always edit or delete the group booking. 

How long is a group booking invite available?

A group booking is available for 3 working days. During that period, capacity (including desks) is safeguarded for the invitees.

Who can manage the group booking?

Obviously, the organizer of the group booking can make adjustments, as mentioned, users themselves can control their own invite and/or booking and administrators have the power, through the admin portal, to edit or delete group bookings.

Creating a group booking

Follow the next steps to create a group booking.

  1. Ensure your workday status is set to your desired office and click on Book a workspace.
  2. In the booking flow you have the option to select a workspace or add an invitee. Select Invite people to a group booking.
  3.  Search for the invitees you want to add by searching for their name or email address.

      Add bulk of invitees

    To save time on adding colleagues one-by-one, copy a list of email address and copy and paste it over to Mapiq. All users are automatically added saving you valuable time.

  4. After adding the invitees we can search for a workspace, click on Done >> Select a workspace.
  5. Follow the steps you normally would to select a workspace, all available options will be visualized for you.
  6.  Finalize by pressing Save, if no issues were encountered you'll get a confirmation message and in your overview you'll see confirmation that the workspace booking is indeed a group booking.

  Group booking validation

Before Mapiq saves the group booking it runs to validations:

  1. Does the invitee's location profile allow the office/workspace to be booked?
  2. Does the invitee's quota profile allows the invitee to book this far ahead?

In case the validation is false, a notification is shared with the organizer to adjust the booking.

Editing and deleting a group booking

Editing and deleting a group booking is exactly the same as you would edit or delete a workspace booking, there's little difference. What is important to be aware of is that when you, as an organizer, delete a group booking it means the bookings for all your colleagues will also be deleted. As mentioned before, your colleagues will get a notification, but they could have the notifications turned off. Additionally, if a booking is required for accessing the building, it could have an impact on the users. Ensure you follow-up with the invitees and that they are aware that the group booking is deleted.

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