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With Mapiq you can now connect to Cisco Spaces (formerly DNA Spaces)! Cisco Spaces aims to connect Cisco networking, sensors and collaboration products into a single cloud platform. Mapiq is a partner app within the Cisco App center and connecting Cisco with Mapiq allows you to share the occupancy data available through Cisco within Mapiq. In this article we'll run through the activation process as well as marrying the buildings in Mapiq.

Applies to

The following administrators can enable the Cisco integration:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator

  Additional permissions

The activation process for Cisco is done through the Cisco App center. Ensure when going through the process that you have the correct permissions within Mapiq and in the Cisco App center for proper activation.

  Cisco available for my subscription?

The Cisco integration is available for all Cisco and Mapiq Enterprise customers with an Occupancy add-on.

Activation of Cisco

Before getting into the steps, it is good to note that Mapiq is a Partner App within the Cisco App center. The integration is activated through the Cisco App Center, and you'll be guided through a few configuration steps to:

  • Provide consent to Mapiq to use customer data.
  • Choose locations in the customer tenant for which they want to activate the app.
  • Choose groups of BLE devices for which to activate the app.

Let's go through the steps for activations.

  1. Go to the Cisco App center, search for Mapiq and click on Activate.
  2. You are now prompted to clarify if you are an existing Mapiq-Cisco customer or not.
    1. If yes, then customers will be able to log in with their Mapiq account. Press Continue.
    2. If no, select this option and press Continue. By doing so an email will be sent to Mapiq's Sales department ( 
  3.  You are forwarded to the consent page. Evaluate the events you grant permission for and select Grant Permission. The current events will be shared with Mapiq:
    1. Activation events
    2. Location
    3. Telepresence
    4. Camera count
  4. In the next step you can clarify what locations you want to share data with Mapiq for. Potentially, not all locations in the Cisco portal are using Mapiq, you can also select a subset.
  5. As Mapiq subscribes to telemetry events, you are also asked to give consent to share events for specific BLE devices
  6. The final step is to sign in to Mapiq. If an active session is open, this step will be skipped, if you have not, you are obliged to log in to complete the activation.
  7. The activation is enabled upon login and you are ready to marry the Cisco buildings in Mapiq.

Marrying the Cisco buildings in Mapiq

Once the activation process is completed, navigate to the building where you want to implement Cisco occupancy data (Buildings >> Selected building >> Sensors). 

  1. From here you have the option to press on  to start marrying the buildings and importing the occupancy data for commissioning.
  2. Press on  next to Cisco to start marrying the buildings.
  3. A new window pops up with all the configured Cisco locations added in the configuration steps. To link a building to a zone simply check the checkbox for the location. Depending on your Cisco configuration you might need to unfold the tree structure to find the building.
    Open the Cisco side tab
    Select the buildings you want to add
  4. After selecting the building and pressing Save all Cisco devices available, as configured in the Cisco App center, are automatically imported and ready to get commissioned. To learn more about commissioning sensors, go over our article Commissioning sensors.

  Building already linked

A Cisco building can only be married to one Mapiq building. Already linked buildings are greyed out and not available non-selectable. Additionally, they have a link icon associated with it. If you accidentally linked the incorrect building, go to the building in Mapiq that has the incorrect Cisco building associated. Open the linking menu and deselected the Cisco building.

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