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To further assist the employees in your office, you can enable Extras. Extras allow you to quickly link to webpages or send out an email with a click of a button. Do you have an event that requires lunch? Create an extras link to your caterer. Are your facilities dirty or broken, add an email address so that your employees can quickly reach out to facility teams informing them from this.

Applies to

The Extras functionality is available for customers with an Enterprise subscription. Extras can be set by the following administrator roles:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator

Extras categories

In total Mapiq supports three different Extras categories. The different Extras categories are displayed in specified places in the user app you can find an overview below.

Workday extras
Add extras to their workdays and will be shown on the day page.
Event extras
Allow for extra requests when creating an event and are shown in the event detail page.
General extras
General extras that are not specifically related to a workday or event. These are displayed on the profile page of the user. 

Within the categories predefined extras are already specified. Simply select the extras applicable from the dropdown list and add a description (this is optional) and add the URL.

Workday extrasEvent extrasGeneral extras

Configure an extra

Follow the steps below to configure an Extras. In this example we will add a Workday extras note that these steps are identical for adding Event- or General extras.

  1. Log in to the Mapiq Admin portal and go to Settings >> Extras.
  2. Decide what extra you want to add, in this case we'll add a Workday extras click on Edit.
  3. Select the applicable Extra from the dropdown menu, add a description and URL
  4. Press Save and your extra is live.

  Description character limits

Be aware of the description character limit. The description field can hold a description of 65 characters. Note that for the URL there are no character restrictions.

  URL errors

When filling in the URL text box the content is validated. It needs to be in a URL format. For links to websites this means either https:// or http:// is needed. When you want to send an email, add mailto: prior to the email address. The moment Mapiq detects a script being inputted, it will give an error stating that the code might be harmful and it will not be accepted.

Visualization for users

As mentioned, once you save your extras entry, it will be displayed to the users, depending on your workday type it can either pop up on the profile-, event- or day page.

Profile pageEvent page
Day page

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