The day view

The day view, is a direct overview of everything you need to know for your workday. What meetings you have, if you are working from home or at the office and if you have a booking (workspace or parking). With a calendar view on the side you can easily swap between the different days and with the new icons you have quick indicators on where you will be working from in the upcoming days.

Day overview

Everything you need to know during your day, you can find in your day overview. Depending on the active add-ons and integrations available to you, you have the following options:

  • Indicate if you are not working, working from home or working from an office.
  • Book a workspace (e.g. floor, area or desk) and potentially a parking spot.
  • Quickly have an overview of all your meetings and events of the day (work calendar synchronization must be enabled in your subscription and enabled by yourself through Your profile).
  • Book a new event through Create an event .
  • Swap to Connections to see an overview of all your connections working today (and where). If check-in is available to you, and your connection has checked in, you see a green disc next to their profile picture (or initials) indicating they have checked in.

Week overview

Next to the day view, you have the possibility to view the week overview. On the web version of the app, the week overview is directly adjacent to the day overview. On mobile, a slide bar is available above your day overview, you also have the possibility to toggle a week overview by clicking on the week overview icon .

Icons in week overview

To help you on your way with the icons visible in the week overview, you can find all the icons below with a brief description of what they mean.

No workday or workspace booking is created. Mapiq is unaware where you will work today.
You are working from the office. If only this icon is displayed a workday booking is created. If the desk icon is added, it means a workspace is booked.
You are working from home.
You are not working today.
You have booked a parking spot for this day.
You have booked a workspace for this day.
Your connections that also have booked a workday or workspace.
The black bar before the date indicates your selected day.

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