Workspace- & Workday booking

Within the Mapiq App, you have the possibility to make two different types of bookings. A Workspace- and a Workday booking. You might be thinking that these sound very similar, in this article we try to highlight the big differences between a Workspace- and a Workday booking.

Workday booking

With a workday booking we allow you the flexibility of booking an office day without needing to book a desk nor area/floor. The user can select a building from the building list they are allowed to go to based on the Location profiles or indicate they are not working that day or working remotely. This booking overview also clearly shows the availability and whether an office building is full or closed on that specific day. Depending on your workday status, other bookings might remain disabled. If you are working from home, you, logically, are prevented from booking a workspace or parking spot.

  Workspace quota

Administrators can set a workspace quota, dictating how often you can come to the office, and how far in advance you can book. The name might give it away already, but this is only applicable to a workspace booking. Workday bookings do not impact your workspace quota

Workspace booking

A workspace bookings in reality is similar to the previous way of making your booking. After indicating to what office you are coming, you can specify if you need a workspace or not. When booking a workspace you're guided through the booking flow. The booking flow shows you where your connections are working, so you can easily book a spot near them. Alternatively, you have the option to select your preferred option. 

Mandatory or optional?

If you have a sharp eye, you might've noticed the sentence Desk booking required in the screenshot of the workday booking. Administrators can specify per building whether a workspace booking is mandatory or not. In case a workspace booking is mandatory, you will not be able to indicate you are only coming to the office. You are required to either book a workspace in an area or at a desk. 

When this setting is set to optional, it means you have the option to choose if you want a workspace or not (depending on whether workspaces are configured). 

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