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Ever been in the situation that you have a meeting, but now meeting room was booked? When walking past all your meeting rooms you are unable to find a free spot? With Mapiq it is a thing of the past with our Here & Now page. By leveraging sensor and room booking information you have a quick grasp of what is available to you and directly book the room!

Applies to

This functionality is applicable for all environments that have a workday calendar active. Sensor information is optional but not mandatory for this functionality to work.

  Sensor occupancy

The sensor occupancy on the Here & Now page will be coming soon.

  Not seeing sensor information?

As mentioned, sensor occupancy is only displayed in the Here & Now page if applicable for your environment. In total three different situations are possible:

  1. Room booking information  
  2. Sensor information
  3. Room booking & Sensor information

Bookings through Here & Now

A booking through the Here & Now tab gives you a direct overview of available meeting rooms. Follow these steps to have a quick and complete building.

  1. Go to the Here & Now    tab.
  2. You are presented with an overview of available meeting rooms. These are dependent on the filters active. The active filters available to you are:
    1. Duration, it is set to 30 minutes per default.
    2. Floor, on which floor the meeting room is located.
    3. Seats, the capacity of the meeting room to filter on your group size.
  3. Select your desired meeting room, a quick overview is displayed of the meeting room you want to book, press Book.
  4. A new window opens that is similar to creating a new event. All fields are optional, in theory you could directly press Create event to directly have the room booked. Otherwise, first go through the optional fields. Optional fields you can fill in:
    1. Message, a short message with the reason of the event.
    2. Invitees, invite other people to your event. It is a good idea to do this when you potentially have a colleague joining remotely (also see the next step).
    3. Check whether this is an Online event by checking I need an online event link.

Occupancy indicators

As explained, the Here & Now page pulls data from room booking nformation and sensors information. Indicators are used to visualize the availability and which source is used to determine the room occupancy.

Data is provided through the O365 or Google connection and based on room booking information. Green of course means that the room is available.
Data is provided through a sensor available in the meeting room. Green means that the sensor is not detecting anybody in the meeting room.
Data is provided through both room booking and sensor information. This is the most accurate form of occupancy detection.

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