Set up a parking location profile

A parking lot is created, you set the correct capacity and users can book a parking spot. Mapiq also enables the administrators to control exactly which locations the users can book, as well as the number of times users can book a parking spot.

Applies to

Parking lots can be created and managed by the following administrator roles:

  • Subscription Owners
  • Subscription Administrators
  • Building Administrators
  • Booking Administrators

  Booking Administrator

Not all actions outline in this article are applicable to Booking Administrators. Booking Administrators only have the power to view the users in the profiles and import users, but are unable to adding, deleting or modifying profiles.

Creating a Parking location profile

Parking location profiles are created and configured identically to the Location profile. The Parking location profiles show all available parking lots within the environment and lets you enable or disable the available locations for the users. Underlying zones can be selected if desired. Depending on the selection, either of the three status can be seen.

All is selected
A selection of floor(s)/area(s)
Nothing is selected

  All selected

When a checkbox indicates that All is selected, additional buildings, floors and areas are automatically included for that location profile. If A selection is made, it will not automatically be part of the profile, and it is necessary to add it manually.

To create a Parking location profile follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Access >> Location profiles >> Parking location profiles;
  2. Select Edit >> +Add Profile, note that the Edit button changed to Save and Cancel;
  3. Give the profile a proper name and set the desired Accessible locations by clicking on All parking lots or X parking lots (in case of an existing selection of parking lots).

  4. Press Save >> Save a confirmation is given on the added profile.

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