Setting up workspace quota profiles

You know what workspace quote profiles can do, now for the configuration part of it. Let's dive into it and go through the steps to set up your workspace quota profiles.

Applies to

The following administrator roles can create and/or edit and/or delete quota- and location profiles:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Booking Administrator (edit permissions on users only)

Configure a workspace quota profile

On first time use, a default quota is already created. Users must always be associated to a profile, and on first use, users, by default, are associated to the default workspace quota profile.

As mentioned above, a user must always exist within a profile. Before you start configuring, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do I need to make a separation between my users? Think of priority groups or departments dependent of being in the office to do their work.
  • Is my building open in the weekends?
  • Is it relevant to book in advance, or would a few days ahead suffice as well?

After determining what is necessary within your organization, you can go ahead and start configuring the profile(s). Depending on your necessities, you can either adjust the current default profile or create new profiles next to the default profile.

  1. Open the admin portal ( and go to the Access tab.
  2. Navigate to the Quota profiles>>Edit.
  3. If necessary, click on + Add profile to add a profile.
  4. (Re)name the profile so that it's recognizable. We advise using a descriptive name, which could relate to a department, or group of people.
  5. Select the Week quota by clicking on the drop drown menu and selecting the desired number (max of 7 days).
  6. Now select the Days ahead to set how far in advance a user can make a booking (minimum is 1 day, max is 3 weeks). 
  7. Finalize by selecting the Allowed days, to limit the days in the week this group can make a booking. When selected a blue circle is visualized around the day, disabled days are greyed out.

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