Publishing, validations & errors

Once you are happy with your parking lot setup you can publish your parking lot. When publishing your parking lot, you can run into validation and error messages. This article will guide you through some of the most common errors you can run into.

Applies to

Parking lots can be created and managed by the following administrator roles:

  • Subscription Administrators (Subscription Owners, automatically are assigned this role)
  • Building Administrators


The following items need to be taken into while publishing, as they are validated upon publishing:

  • The parking lot has a unique name;
  • Parking zones within the same parking lot have unique names. Names of parking zones can be reused in other parking lots;
  • A parking lot name has a character limit of 32;
  • A capacity limit for the parking lot (Total capacity and the sum of the zone capacity) of 10.000;
  • Required fields are filled;
  • Assigned buildings need to be in the same time zone.

No building linked

One of the big items that was explained in the article Create a parking lot, is that it is possible to publish a parking lot without linking it to a building, this means that it will not be visible to end-users. For this to work you will need to link a building to it first. Because it is possible to publish a parking lot without a building relation, it is important to note that this isn't caught as an error.

Error messages

In case Mapiq encounters an error running its validations the administrator is notified to take action. The error message explains the issue and gives a short explanation on how to solve it. Two important error messages are highlighted below.

In case a building is deleted, a republish of the building is necessary to update the data. Users will not be impacted without this publishing action.Administrators are notified that a parking lot is not visible to end-users when a building is not associated to a parking lot. The administrator is not prohibited from publishing.

  Introducing overcapacity

In case overcapacity is introduced, by decreasing the Total capacity in an active parking lot, Mapiq cancels reservations in order of last created. The cancellation takes place after publishing. Note that a notification towards the user is not yet part of the parking solution, this is a manual action.

Published state

The publishing state of a parking lot is visualized in the overview on the Parking tab. Under the Published column the different stages are shown.

This state is shown when the parking lot is in draft and has not been published at all
Unpublished changes
When changes are introduced to a parking lot, but they are not published yet
Date published
The date when the parking lot was published. This state will remain as such as long as no changes are introduced, it will then change to Unpublished changes.

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