Quota- and location profiles

To control the people flow within your building and limit the number of choices for your employees, quota and location profiles can be used. With quota and location profiles you can match groups or individuals to days they can come to the office, how often they can come to the office, a set building, floor or area. Combining both of them allows you to have full control over your building's capacity.

Applies to

The following administrator roles can create and/or edit and/or delete quota- and location profiles:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Shift Administrator (edit permissions on users only)

What profiles are there?

Within the admin portal, administrators have four different type of profiles.

  • Workspace quota profile
  • Parking quota profile
  • Workplace location profile
  • Parking location profile

Both types of quota- and location profiles work similarly, though there are some slight differences.

The difference between the profiles

To understand how to correctly assign your users, it is important to know what the different quota- and location profiles exactly entail. All profiles work on the same principal. Users are assigned to either a type of quota- or location profile. Below an overview of the exact profile differences

Workspace quota profile
Controls the number of people coming to the office, in which you can set:
  • Week quota: number of bookings a user can book per week.
  • Days ahead: number of days a user can book ahead.
  • Allowed days: determine which days of the week users can come to the office
Workplace location profile
Limits the locations where your users can book a workspace/workplace. You can enable and disable locations on building, floor and area level. Users that are uploaded to a profile will only see the enabled locations in that profile. Disabled locations are hidden. That way users workspaces/workplaces are limited to users that actually need access to it.
Parking quota profile
Similarly to Workspace quota profile, a parking quota profile determine how often you can book a parking spot. Good to note here is that even though a week quota can be set for each profile, it is linked to your Workspace quota profile as parking spots can only be booked when you have workday booked. How far ahead you can book is also linked to your Workspace quota profile.
Parking location profile
Limits the parking lots where your users can book a parking spot. When you have a workday or workspace booking, the parking lot that a user can book at is already limited to the parking lots that are associated with the buildings (find more information in the article Create a parking lot). A Parking location profile can limit you in what parking lots you can make a booking at. Within parking lots administrators have the possibility to block parking zones for users as well through this profile.

  Profiles and bookings

When creating a booking, users have the option to book a workday or a workspace. Quota profiles are only impacted by workspace bookings, if you book a workday it will not count towards your quota. Location profiles are enforced on all type of bookings.

  Parking profiles

Parking profiles (both quota and location) do not allow you to use auto assignment rules!

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