Configure workspace booking policies

The building configuration allows you to create your buildings adding all level of details from adding workspaces to adding meeting rooms. In practice people will not always be sitting in one specific workspace for a full day. By setting up your workspace booking policies you now have the possibility to let your users clarify they will be in the office but are not occupying a desk for the full day. Ideal flexible workplaces or if you are in meetings often.

Applies to

The following administrator roles have the power to set up the workspace booking policies:

  • Subscription owners
  • Subscription administrators
  • Building administrators

How to configure workspace booking policies

For configuring the workspace booking policies for each building go to Access >> Workspace booking policies. On this page you see an overview of all your published buildings. You are give two policy options, Mandatory and Optional.

You enforce your users to book a workspace in your office. A workspace can be a booking on building, floor, area or desk level.
Your users have the possibility to choose if they book a workspace in the building, or only specify that they will be in the office for the day. You accommodate both possibilities!

  By default, the setting is set to Mandatory

Always visit this page if you want to enforce the Optional policy.

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