Benchmarking in reports

To get more specific information out of the reports you can of course use the filters, however a quicker, in-context way, would be to use benchmarking. With benchmarking, you can highlight specific information by selecting it from a graph. For example, in a parking report you can select a specific parking zone from the graph. The report will dynamically benchmark how the selected parking zone is performing in comparison to the others. Statistics around on the selected benchmark will also be updated.

Applies to

Benchmarking can be done in every graph and is accessible for all the administrators that have access to the analytics dashboard:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Booking Administrator
  • Analytics Viewer

Benchmarking pointers

There are some pointers to keep in mind when using benchmarking:

  • It could be that when you first benchmark and then use filtering, in the background it remembers the benchmark. This can lead to blank numbers and graphs. When you encounter this click the white space of the graph you had benchmarked, it removes the benchmark. Removing filters, before continuing is also advised, that way you are certain no active filtering or benchmarking is turned on.
  • The benchmark shown is the total benchmark over your filters including the topic you are benchmarking.

Benchmarking examples

Here you have a standard Parking bookings report. By clicking on a specific parking zone in the graph the full report will focus and adjust on this specific parking zone.The key numbers changed, and show data only related to the selected parking zone in the graph.

Similar to the other graphs, this was before clicking on a specific parking zone in the first graph.By selecting the parking zone you see that all the other graphs benchmark around the selected parking zone.

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