Report filtering

In the reports you will find different filters that can help you drill down on the information you need! In this article we will explain the different filters, which are multi select (which aren't) and some pointers.

Applies to

The filters dependent based on the report viewed and can be used by all the following administrators:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Booking Administrator
  • Analytics Viewer

The different filters

FiltersSelection type?
BuildingMulti-selectFilter on a specific or multiple building to drill down on it further.
Multi-selectSimilar to building but on floor level. Note that if you have a building selected already you will filter on that floor specifically.
AreaMulti-selectSimilar to the Floor filter, but on area level.
Meeting room
Filter on specific meeting rooms available in your building(s).
Let you define the time period of a day you are interested in. You can for example filter out nighttime.
Parking lot
Multi-selectSimilar to the Building filter, but instead of filtering on a building, you filter on a parking lot.
Parking zoneSingle-selectComparable to the Floor and Area filters, but then on the underlying zones of a parking lot.
Week lengthSingle-selectDetermines whether you compare a full week (seven days) or only on a workweek (five days). Note that this filter is not applicable to all graphs!
PeriodSingle-selectA filter to determine the period in which you want to evaluate your data. Filters vary from since the beginning of the year all the way back to 2021.

  Report specific filters

Certain filters are only visible for specific reports, meaning that you won't always see all the filters, only when they are applicable.

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