Workplace optimization - Parking bookings

Mapiq allows you to set up parking lots and let your employees book a parking spot in your parking lot. Data gathered in this report is based on booking behavior and the parking lots and zones that were booked. These bookings give indications on favorite parking lots (or zones). To gain full insights on these bookings, you have the parking bookings report available to you!

  Parking is an add-on

Parking is an add-on that can be purchased for your subscription. It is not enabled by default. If you do not have the parking add-on, this report is not visible to you.

Applies to

The parking bookings report can be seen by the following administrator roles:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Booking Administrator
  • Analytics Viewer

Applicable filters

FiltersSelection type?
BuildingMulti-selectFilter on a specific or multiple building to drill down on it further.
Parking lot
Multi-selectSimilar to the Building filter, but instead of filtering on a building, you filter on a parking lot.
Parking zoneSingle-selectComparable to the Floor and Area filters, but then on the underlying zones of a parking lot.
Week lengthSingle-selectDetermines whether you compare a full week (seven days) or only on a workweek (five days). Note that this filter is not applicable to all graphs!
PeriodSingle-selectA filter to determine the period in which you want to evaluate your data. Filters vary from since the beginning of the year all the way back to 2021.

Key numbers.

The key numbers, your-go-to for a quick summary of your parking bookings. Let's go through them.

Today's capacity in parking spots

This number represents the total parking spots available today. 

Parking spots always available (based on peak bookings)

This count of parking spots represents the number of parking spots that are always available. It is calculated by subtracting the maximum number of bookings from the total number of parking spots.

Average percentage of booked parking spots

This number represents the average percentage of bookings per day, calculated as follows: the sum of (booked / total parking spots) for each day, divided by the number of days in the selected time period.

Peak percentage of booked parking spots

This number represents the maximum percentage of bookings over the time period.

Where is it most busy?

Booked parking spots per location

This graph displays the average and maximum parking spot bookings, allowing you to compare data at different levels by clicking the compare buttons at the top (parking lots or parking zones). The graph is always sorted by average in descending order. 

If you did not specify parking zones for a specific parking lot, the average bookings will be listed under Zone not defined for the Parking zones view. The percentage label in visual in the graph refers to the average (blue bar), you can hover over the maximum red line to view the percentage.

The red line indicates the maximum use of the location during the selected period not the maximum capacity. A quick example, if your total capacity is a 50 (100%) and the red line shows 70%, this means that during the selected period the maximum number of bookings is 35 (70%). Meaning total capacity was not reached during this period.  

Booked parking spots over time

To help you identify busy days the bars have two different colors in the Booked parking spots over time graph. Red signifies high volume (>75%) and blue low volume (=<75%) on that day. The bar tell you the absolute number of parking bookings made on a specific date. If the filter Period is set to Last 4 weeks, the graph will show last 4 weeks and the current week and the upcoming weeks. The week length depends on the filter Week length, it will include all seven days (including Saturday and Sunday) if the filter is set to 7 days. The workweek will be shown with a Week length set to 5 days.

The trend lines indicate the total parking spot capacity for that specific date. The trend line is (quite) responsive to your active filters.

Booked parking spots per day of the week

The last graph of this report shows you the average percentage of booked parking spots per day of the week. Providing insights into the usage patterns of your parking spots throughout the week. The red line., again, tells you the maximum use of the parking spots. 

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