Add a meeting room to your existing event

Mapiq allows you to create events in the office. Also, if your calendar integration is active, Mapiq will sync to your work calendar and show all your events for the day. However, events are prone to adjustments, and their location can often change after being created. Mapiq now easily allows you to add meeting rooms on the fly. Have a meeting in one minute but no room? No worries! Mapiq can suggest a room for you instantly, so you can get started with your meeting.

Applies to

Users can add links to meeting rooms if they:

    • Have an enabled work calendar integration active in their subscription.
    • Have synced their work calendar with the Mapiq app. If you don't know how to do this, please read Sync with your work calendar.
    • Are the organizer of the event.

Add a meeting room to your existing meeting

There are two ways to add a meeting room to your existing meetings. Both methods end up in the same room selection flow, but the steps are different. The available options:

  • Through  Add location available to you directly in your day overview.
    • By selecting the event in the meeting room and clicking Add location in your overview.

After accessing the room selector flow through either of the two above options you can select a room as follows:

Select a building where you want to add the meeting room from. If a workday is booked, the building you're working at is preselected. Other available filters are the floor of the meeting room and the number of seats in the meeting room.
By selecting the meeting room The pressure cooker it will be added to the meeting Follow up commercial and product strategy, indicated by the tag containing the meeting room name in the bottom right corner.

  Tag is not displayed

The meeting room tag is only displayed when you have a workday in the office where the meeting will take place. Otherwise, a 1 room tag is added to indicate that a meeting room is booked for that meeting.

  Adding multiple rooms

It is possible to add multiple rooms to an event. Simply follow the same steps once more to add another meeting room to the event.

  Unable to change or remove meeting rooms

Currently, it is not yet possible to change your meeting room or remove meeting rooms.

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