Validation errors

When you are commissioning sensors you sometimes run into problems. In this article we're going to address validation errors you might run into and what you can do to resolve these validation errors, and have your sensors up and running without any issues.

Applies to

Sensors can be commissioned and managed by the following administrator roles:

  • Subscription Administrators (Subscription Owners are automatically are assigned this role)
  • Building Administrators


Validation errors can be encountered when adding single sensors and/or bulk importing multiple.

Sensor ID is mandatory 

In order to add and commission a sensor, you need to enter a sensor ID; this field cannot be empty. 

Sensor ID needs to be unique 

The sensor ID needs to be unique, as the same sensor ID cannot be linked to multiple locations. Note that for bulk importing the sensors duplicate sensors are ignored

Sensor ID cannot contain emojis 

We have added some basic format validations to ensure the user doesn’t make any typos. We do not support emojis; other characters are spaces are still supported. 

Multiple sensors added on 1 line 

Though not really a validation error, it can occur that you are missing sensor IDs in your total count of sensors. In these situations double check you did not accidentally add multiple sensor IDs on one line when bulk importing sensors.

Sensor ID has 200 characters or more

It is very unlikely that this will occur, however, the Mapiq App will only allow a sensor ID that less than 200 characters.

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