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Many corporate offices are struggling to optimize their office space amid the new hybrid working reality. Organizations with low occupancy want people to return to the office, while organizations with medium and high occupancy are looking to optimize their workspace and facilities while keeping employees happy. All businesses have different needs and problems but require valuable data to optimize their real estate, workspaces, and facilities.

On the other hand, employees are looking for advice and guidance throughout their workday and want to know which workplace suits their needs. 

By including sensor data, Mapiq helps employees organize their workday while offering organizations actionable insights on how to optimize their workplace strategy.

Applies to

Occupancy can be enabled and managed by the following administrator roles:

  • Subscription Administrators (Subscription Owners, automatically are assigned this role)

  Supported sensor providers

Currently, the occupancy integration can only be used with Elsys sensors. For usage with an alternative sensor provider, our Solutions team can assist. Get in touch with your customer success manager for more information. More sensor providers will be added in the future.

Enabling the occupancy integration

The occupancy add-on must be purchased separately. After purchasing the add-on, a Mapiq team member will enable it for your subscription. This automatically begins the ordering and delivery process of the Elsys devices.

Occupancy settings

Under Settings >> Integrations in the Mapiq Admin Portal, you can find an overview of the active Elsys integrations. For a sensor integration to become active, the following requirements must be met:

  1. A Mapiq team member has enabled the integration
  2. The devices are activated

If both these conditions are met, the status indicator under Settings >> Integrations >> Elsys will be set to On.

Building overview

Once the status indicator under Settings >> Integrations >> Elsys is set to On, sensor commissioning becomes available under the Buildings tab. A new menu item, Sensors, will be visible under the building overview.

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