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With the Mapiq App, you can see when your colleagues are in the office and find the best time for you to come as well. To help streamline your workday, Mapiq allows you to book a parking spot, so you are certain of having a spot when coming to the office.

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Be aware that the parking functionality is an add-on to the Mapiq App. Depending on your organization's contract with Mapiq, this functionality might not be available to you within the app!

Make a parking reservation

Your administrators can create parking lots within the Mapiq environment and set the proper capacity of these parking lots. To make a parking reservation, you need to open up your daily overview. 

  Booking required

To book a parking space it is mandatory to make a workspace or workday booking.

  1. Run through the normal booking flow and book a workday or workspace (for reference on how to do so, check the Using Mapiq article.
  2. After making a workday or workspace booking, click on Book a parking spot.

      Booking required

    Be aware that your parking quota can be different from your workspace quota! If you are only allowed making a workspace booking twice a week, you can only book a parking spot twice a week, regardless of your parking quota. You can only book a parking spot, if you have booked a spot in the office. Note that when you book a workday, workspace quota is not impacted but parking quota is impacted.

  3. All the parking lots linked to the building you made a workday or workspace booking for are shown here. Select the desired parking lot, and if applicable the desired zone within the parking lot and Confirm booking to make your parking reservation.

Parking availability

There are some limitations you could run into that could make parking not available to you. 

  • A parking spot is only bookable when it is linked to a building. If there's no parking lot available in the building you booked a workspace for, you see a greyed-out button when trying to make a parking booking.
  • Administrators within your environment can set access the parking lots and 'potentially' the underlying zones, for the users. If your colleague books at an electric car spot, that does not automatically mean you can as well. Reach out to your local admins (Your profile >> Questions?) to get in touch with your local administrators.
  • As shown in the screenshot you have a parking reservation quota. This quota is again set by your administrators. If you used all of your quota, you are not allowed to make another for a parking booking for the rest of the week.
  • Parking quota is dependent on your booking quota. If your workspace quota is less than your parking quota, then you are still limited to the number of workspace quota. Without a spot at the office a parking booking is not possible.

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