Why am I unable to see the changes I made to my building in the app?

Administrators within the Mapiq App have the power to adjust their own building configuration. In giving administrators this power, they can easily adapt to situations within the building. Unfortunately, in some cases the changes made by the administrators are not always visualized by the end users. How to fix this?


Below the most common causes are listed that can trigger the unwanted behavior of buildings not being published.

  1. The changes to the building have not actually been published.
  2. The building contains errors.
  3. Checking the app too fast.
  4. It failed to upload to the server.

The changes to the building have not actually been published

When administrators are working in the Building tab or the map editor, they have a lot of confirmation that seems to confirm that their changes are being saved. For example, the Done button after finalizing the changes on your map. This indeed is the case, all changes are indeed saved, but saved changes do not mean that the changes are published. That is a separate action that always needs to be done when a change to the building is done.

The building contains errors

Building changes, especially map changes, can contain errors. There is a difference between Issues and Conflicts. Issues do not allow you to publish your building, conflicts do but are better to address prior to publishing, to avoid 'possible' conflicts. Issues will always need to be addressed.

Checking the app too fast

After a publishing action is performed, and confirmation is given, there is a tendency to directly check the Mapiq App. This is a logical response to see if your changes are really live. But it is important to note that there is a slight delay after publishing and actually seeing it live. In general this doesn't take more than a minute, but if you are fast, it could be that your changes are not 'yet' live, whilst in reality this is the case.

It failed to upload to the server

This is a bit trickier of a cause to recognize, because as an administrator you don't have a clear idea that the building has failed to upload. The underlying cause is simply that an error occurred while the building was being uploaded to the server.


Find the associated resolution of the above-mentioned causes below.

The changes to the building have not actually been published - resolution

As mentioned, changes are always stored, but to put your changes live in the App seeable for your users, your building will need to be published. To check if your building is actually published, you can view the building overview. It should indicate which buildings have changes that are unpublished. It is highlighted with the message Unpublished changes or Unpublished in case the building has never been published.

You can do this by going to Building >> Select your building >> Review & Publish >> Publish. Ensure you see the confirmation pop-up that the building is published. This should show all your changes live in the Mapiq App. You can find more information about this in the article Review and publish.

The building contains errors - resolution

Buildings can have errors, specifically, issues & conflicts. Especially issues will need to be addressed prior to releasing. You can't actually publish your building without addressing issues, but luckily this stop you from publishing issues in to your live environment. Issues and conflicts have a clear description on what the issue entails. After addressing all the issues you are allowed to put the changes live. Check out our Solving errors & conflicts article to learn more.

Checking the app too fast - resolution

It takes a minute or so for the publishing action to properly reflect in the Mapiq App. If you are fast you can find that your changes have not come through 'yet'. Wait for a few minutes and refresh the building once more.

It failed to upload to the server

Lastly, there is the issue that the upload of the building to our building service failed. This is not properly reflected to the administrator and is only observed by not seeing your changes in the Mapiq App. After going through the other three causes and resolutions above again to no avail, it is best to reach out to Mapiq Support (email support@mapiq.com or request a ticket through our contact form). Mapiq Support can check the situation for you and take the appropriate action based on their findings.

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