Why is Mapiq unable to process my sign in?

Not being able to sign in to the Mapiq App or Admin Portal can have multiple causes. Please find them listed below along with their resolutions.


Not being able to sign in to the Mapiq App or Admin Portal can have multiple causes. However, in most cases, the problem is pointing to some kind of a caching issue.

Password Reset
"I just changed my password and now I cannot log in."

From time to time you need to or want to update your credentials. After updating your password you might run into some log-in problem when trying to sign in to your Mapiq Account. This is due to the old and the new password clashing in the background resulting in the system not knowing which password to use in the login process.

Admin Permission Changes

"I got assigned to be an Admin, but I cannot access the Admin Portal."

If you are granted Admin permissions, especially for the first time, you might run into some problems when trying to log in to admin.mapiq.com. This is due to the old, regular user profile clashing with the new admin profile in the background resulting in the system not knowing which one to process.

Email Domain Is Not Recognised

"I'm trying to log in but it says that I don't have access."

When trying to log in through app.mapiq.com you might get the error message "You don’t have access with this email address."

This occurs mainly when the email domain (emailadress@*domain.com*) is not recognized as a valid domain or as a registered domain with an active Mapiq Subscription. This is important because the email domain is used to forward the user to the correct SSO (Single Sign On) log-in page, or in the case of SSU (Self Sign Up) link to the correct environment.

Moved Over To Another Country/Office

"I'm working from a different office, in another country and I can't log in or access the building."

It could happen that you temporarily or permanently change offices, thus countries. And multiple offices in multiple different countries means that our customers could have multiple subscriptions/environments. These environments are secluded from one another therefore, you might run into some log-in problems if you swapped offices/countries thus environments.

Not Part of the Active Directory

Certain customers, especially with Global IT, have restrictions within their Active Directory, where they can control which users can use which application. If a setup like such is the case, and you are not assigned to the correct group to make use of the SSO, you might run into error messages on the SSO log-in page. An error similar to the image below:


Find the associated resolutions for the causes below.

Password Reset

Depending on whether you are using SSO (Single Sign On) or SSU (Self Sign Up), the resolution varies.

Single Sign On (SSO)
In the case of SSO account management for your Mapiq user account in reality is done by your Company. Therefore in order to have your password reset, we advise you to reach out to your local IT. They can help you with this.

Self Sign Up (SSU)
In the case of SSU you can reset your password on your own by clicking on the Forgot your Password link on the log-in page, then follow the instructions.

Admin Permission Changes

In general, the problem here lies with old data being cached in your system. To resolve this follow the steps below:

  1. Try to use the latest password you use to log in to your account.
  2. Still, facing issues? Open an Incognito Window and log in to https://app.mapiq.com, again using your latest password. If you don't know how to open your Incognito Window, click on the browser you use below for more information.
    ChromeFirefoxEdge or Safari.
  3. If the step above worked, clear the cache of your browser. Click on the browser you use below for more information
  4. The cache will also need to be cleared on your mobile phone if the mobile app is being used!

Email Domain Is Not Recognized

We only accept verified email domains that have an active subscription with Mapiq. Therefore, there’s no direct solution that we can apply here to resolve this. You may reach out to support@mapiq.com, so we can check the domain and advise you accordingly.

Moved Over To Another Country/Office

If you moved over to another country and you find yourself that you cannot log in to your account or that you don't have access to the office in that country, please reach out to support@mapiq.com, and we'll make the necessary changes.

Not Part of the Active Directory

Since account management is not done by Mapiq when it comes to SSO, to resolve this, you must be added by your company's IT department to the correct group to make use of your SSO configuration.

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