Is it possible to book on behalf of someone else?

It is possible to book a shift on behalf of someone else but only if you have the right permission, and have access to the Admin Portal.

User Profile Administrator Permission

First and foremost a User Profile Administrator permission is needed for you in order to book on behalf of another user, and this can be granted by Building- or Subscription Administrators. If you are unaware of whether you have the proper permissions, get in touch with your local Building- or Subscription Administrator. They will be able to review your account and grant you permission.

Unsure who your Administrator is?
If configured, you can find an email address to contact under Your Profile in the top right corner of the Mapiq application, otherwise colleagues in at your local service- or IT desk usually are able to point you to the correct person.

Booking a Shift On Behalf

Once you have been granted permission to manage user profiles you automatically become an admin, which also means that you can access the admin portal now. To book a shift on behalf of another user, just follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the admin portal,
  2. Go to the People tab.
  3. Select the user you would like to book a shift on behalf of by clicking on her/him.
    Be aware that clicking the checkbox will not trigger the book on behalf functionality! This will only allow you to edit the profiles of the selected users.
  4. A new page opens with the user details in the left box and the calendar overview of the user on the right (the employee app view).
  5. Click on the day you would like to book a shift, select the building, floor, and/or area, and book the shift.
  6. If desk booking is enabled for a specific area, you can select a specific desk for the user.
    Mind you, that the initial desk is suggested, press Change to select the specific desk for that specific area.
  7. If you decide to book a date outside the user’s quota profile, you will see a message asking to confirm this. Either confirm that this is correct or cancel the booking. A booking confirmation is given when completed.
  8. If a user is not allowed to book at a certain location due to his/her location profile, a lock icon next to the location’s name will be shown to indicate this.

For further details on how to manage the shifts you booked for other users, we put together a more in-depth article, which you can find here: How to Book On Behalf of Someone Else?

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