How can I update room information?

It does occur that meeting room features change to better suit the needs of the users and for this you would want to update the room card to reflect the actual updated information of a certain room. A simple email to support, and we can assist you with whatever change you might require. Please note that not just anyone can send in requests to make changes, they will need to come from a key user that we can verfiy.


There are a multitude of reasons why customers need updates like these made, below are a few common examples of the changes that can be made. 

Floor plan changes

It does happen that buildings are renovated, and sometimes the building layout does change as well. These changes are usually made to match the needs of its users better.

Room information changes

Each room is equipped with a room card that holds all the information pertaining to the specific room, it can be information on what features the room has, a description of the purpose of the room, how many seats are available in it, etc.


Floor plan changes

Reach out to Mapiq Support with your request to have the floor plan changes updated. These kinds of changes will require an updated copy of the actual floor plan, or at least a detailed image of what the changes are supposed to look like. Such requests should always be sent in by a key user.

Room information changes

Again reach out to Mapiq Support with your request. In order for Mapiq to make changes to any room, detailed information is needed on which building it impacts and which room. If such a request is not sent from a key user, Mapiq will verify it with key users before making any changes.

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