Why can't I book certain meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms are bookable through Mapiq Essentials. Different room booking providers can be linked and depending on the integration dictate who can book the rooms. Occasionally though, users run into issues when booking specific rooms.


Room booking solutions are paired with booking rules that can dictate who can book the specific room. Below common cases are listed:

  1. No booking quota.
  2. Your role does not allow you.
  3. Meeting room is not bookable.
  4. The integrated room booking solution doesn't allow you.
  5. App secret expired

No booking quota

This is not directly linked to rules applicable to a room, but rather a rule linked to the users. Two quota rules 'can' be active:

  1. Minute quota rule. An X amount of minutes are given to the users to spend on reservations. Minutes are restored after a meeting expires.
  2. Absolute quota rule. An X amount of bookings are given to the users to spend on reservations. The number of reservation is restored when a meeting expires.

Depending on the quote it can occur you used all of it and thus are not allowed to book more.

Your role does not allow you

Mapiq can set specific roles that are allowed to book specific meeting rooms. An easy example is sketched with a university organization. Here you have employees and students. Through logging in to Mapiq, it is determined whether the user is a student or employee. Meeting rooms can seem to be bookable, but an insufficient permissions' error is given upon booking the meeting room. This is due to the rule specifically set on the meeting room.

Meeting room is not bookable

In some cases meeting rooms are simply set as non-bookable. Non-bookable rooms are not necessarily strange, but can cause some confusion, especially if a room is suddenly adjusted from bookable to non-bookable. This can happen in situations where renovations are taken place or the purpose of a room is changed. 

The integrated room booking solution doesn't allow you

Mapiq integrates with a number of room booking solutions, like Microsoft Exchange or Axxerion. Depending on the integration users can run into difficulties when booking a room. In Mapiq this generally throws up an error that something went wrong, or in specific cases an error message from the integration floods through. In these cases, the cause is not within Mapiq but the integrated solution.

App secret or service account password expired

An app secret is basically an encrypted value that allows authorization between Mapiq and an integrated room booking solution (e.g. Microsoft Exchange, Condeco, Axxerion). It is a security measure to ensure safe communication between the platforms. App secrets can expire, the duration of an app secret depends on the customer's IT policy. This can be an annual item, but sometimes it can be set to 5 years. In addition, for certain integrations service accounts are necessary, and a password reset is necessary as well.


Find the resolution of the aforementioned cases.

No booking quota - resolution

Booking quota is determined together with key users within your organization. The reasoning behind it is in the end determined by theses same users. Mapiq adjusts the booking quota only when received from these key users. Changing the booking quota will impact every user within the Mapiq environment and can't be changed for an individual. Reach out to your local IT or facility managers (usually the key users we're in touch with) to get this request evaluated.

Your role does not allow you - resolution

User roles are associated to your account and determined upon every log in. The log in procedure forwards you to your company's log in page (Single Sign On page). From there Mapiq retrieves the necessary information to put you in to a specific user role. Changing your role can be done by making adjustments on your account of your own organization.

Note that there are a few unique roles that Mapiq can give on request of key users. These roles can be done when you will do administrative tasks within Mapiq or for certain integrations.

Meeting room is not bookable - resolution

Whenever a meeting room is not bookable Mapiq needs to make adjustments in the model. This is only done by requests from key users within your organization (usually an IT team or facility managers). If you feel a room should be bookable, file a request with the key users.

The integrated room booking solution doesn't allow you - resolution

Sometimes 'seem' bookable through Mapiq, but on the 'moment supreme' user run into an error message. In those cases, first reach out to Mapiq Support, sometimes a different underlying issue is causing this. Mapiq Support can determine whether the issue is related to Mapiq or the integrated room booking solution. If it turns out to be related to the room booking solution, specific steps will be shared, but in general it means that you'll need to reach out internally to the administrators of the application.

App secret or service account password expired - resolution

App secrets and service accounts are commonly used to set up the integration between Mapiq and a room booking integration. The secret can expire just as the service account passwords. The error messaging isn't as clear, but in those cases, reach out to Mapiq Support. Mapiq can determine what the issue is and give the necessary steps. In general, it does require an action on the customer's end to get the issue resolved as they administrate the room booking solution.

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