Why can't I book in advance?

The room booking feature allows users to book rooms in their office through Mapiq. This can be done through a multitude of booking providers, for example the Exchange integration of Microsoft or simply Mapiq's on DefaultRoomBooking feature. Depending on the wishes of the customers, there are some booking rules that can be set on meeting rooms. This is always done in agreement and on request of the customers. One of these booking rules is booking a meeting room in advance.


Booking in advance is an actual booking rule and often the main cause why you can't book further ahead, but there is another cause that could trigger an issue that looks similar. Find the most common possible causes below.

  1. Booking in advance rule.
  2. You have no booking quota left.

Booking in advance rule

Meeting rooms can have a booking in advance rule set. Depending on the value it dictates how far in the future you can book the room. Usually, this rule is implemented to avoid claiming behavior or another booking systems data needs to be uploaded first. The latter is often seen with education organizations where lecture schedules are finalized and uploaded during nighttime. To avoid double bookings on a meeting room educations organizations usually only allow the booking of a room on the day itself.

You have no booking quota left

In certain cases users simply have no booking quota left. There are two types of booking quota:

  1. Quota in minutes. This rule gives the user X amount of minutes to spend on bookings to make. For example, a user has 120 minutes to spend, the user can then make two bookings of 60 minutes, or four bookings of 30 minutes. The quota is restored after the meeting expires.
  2. Absolute quota. This rule gives the user an X amount of bookings to make. In an example, if this is set to 2, it means that each user can have 2 active reservations. After the reservation expires, the quota is restored.


Find the associated resolution below.

Booking in advance rule - resolution

Rules around booking in advance are always carefully discussed with key contacts at the customers. Only on their request will Mapiq adjust the rule. If this needs to be adjusted in your opinion, reach out to your local IT or facility team (usually the persons Mapiq is in contact with).

You have no booking quota left - resolution

Similar to rules for booking advance, the booking quota is carefully determined. Adjustments will impact all the users in the environment and are only adjusted after requested by key users within the customers' organization. You can get your quota back though, to do so you would need to remove another reservation or edit the duration (depending on the type of quota set). Of course, if that is not a possibility, requesting a higher quota would need to go through the key contacts, which generically are the local IT or facility managers.

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