How can I update a room picture?

As you are providing your colleagues with facilities within your office, it is very common that rooms change. A new layout is created, a meeting room has a new purpose or meeting rooms are combined. Meeting rooms can be enriched by adding a photo. By doing so, it gives the user of the room a clear idea of how it looks and if it's a usable room for their purpose. But how do you go about updating the room picture?


Naming it a cause is a bit of a stretch, but if you were wondering where the functionality is in Mapiq Essentials, you might've found out you will not have the option. In contrast to the Mapiq app, where you can add facilities and pictures yourself (read about that in the article Set up your building) for Mapiq Essentials this is not possible.  


To upload a new room picture you will need to provide Mapiq Support with the necessary photo's to adjust. The pictures have a few requirements associated with them. When provided in the format listed below, it can speed the process and remove unnecessary back and forth.

  1. Provide the picture in landscape mode.
  2. To avoid a pixelated picture a minimum file size of 1.5MB is necessary.
  3. The picture contains no person in the picture, it will also be rejected if a person is seen in the reflection.
  4. Give the photo the same name as the room it needs to be uploaded to.
  5. In case of a batch of pictures, share it in a .zip-file.

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