I can't see my building in the app


You want to book a shift to go to the office, but the office you want to visit is not on the list of available offices. 

Some companies have multiple offices and can set the configuration of who can access these spaces; Mapiq has no say in the configuration of your organization's environment.

Common causes

If the office you want to book is not available or visible to you, here are some common causes:

Location profile

Two profile types determine booking behavior: location profile and quota profile. 

Your location profile determines which locations you can book a shift. If your administrator did not add your correct location profile, you will not be able to see certain locations.

Building incomplete or not published.

Buildings that are still being configured, or that have not yet been published, will not be visible to end-users.

Building has been blocked (temporarily)

A building or area may not be visible if your organization’s administrators have exercised their ability to block or close off certain offices, floors, or even desks. They may also close a building using the closed days feature


There is only one way to resolve this, and it is to contact your local Mapiq administrators.

Contact the e-mail address listed under Questions? under Your Profile . If no email is filled in, get in touch with your local IT or facility desk.

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