Set up your profile picture

To make collaborating with your colleagues easier, Mapiq has introduced profile pictures. It's much easier to find your colleagues through the app while seeing their faces. Start uploading your profile picture to stay connected!

Upload your profile picture

Go to your profile  and click on the initials next to your name. A new window opens. Click on Select photo and select the photo you want to use from your computer or mobile phone. Alternatively, you can take a picture by selecting Take a photo.
Uploading your photo from your computer?
Drag your photo into the dashed rectangle. Make sure to give permission as the mobile app requires you to give permission for the app to access your photos. 

After your photo has been uploaded, you can do a bit of fine-tuning through zooming and repositioning the photo. If you are unhappy with the picture uploaded, simply click Upload photo to choose a new picture. Once you are happy, click Save photo to complete the profile picture upload.

Click on the icon with your initials
Browse for a picture or drag it in.
Browse to your desired photoAdjust the photo to your liking
Find your uploaded picture next to your name under your profile 
Mapiq currently supports .png and .jpg picture formats. Additionally, profile pictures must be smaller than 2MB.

Editing or deleting a picture

Once a photo is uploaded, and you want to edit or change your profile picture, go to your profile  and select Upload photo. It is also possible to delete your photo by clicking Delete photo. In doing so, colleagues no longer see your profile picture and your initials are displayed instead.

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