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Thanks to the rise of hybrid meetings, most employees have gotten used to joining remote calls. But sometimes, in the office, there can be a lack of communication regarding which meetings are hybrid, fully remote, or fully in-person. In fact, hybrid meetings often fail when the organizer is not aware of attendees' locations. With our hybrid meetings solution and scheduling feature, you can schedule a meeting and, with a quick glance, see who will attend remotely or in person.

Applicable for

Scheduling a meeting is not directly applicable for all Mapiq users. The following needs to be in place to schedule an event:

  • Have an enabled work calendar integration active in their subscription.
  • Synced their work calendar with their app. If you don't know how to do this go over our Sync with your work calendar article.
  • Are the organizer of the event in their calendar.

Schedule a meeting

  1. Open your day overview by clicking on the day you would like to schedule a meeting for.
  2. You can now schedule a meeting in the overview by clicking on New event 
  3. You can now fill in the event details and invite your connections and colleagues. A benefit of inviting active colleagues is that you can see whether they're in the office that day based on their shift information. 
  4. Set a Title for the meeting. This field is mandatory, and if it's not filled in, you will not be able to create an event the button will be greyed out.
  5. Fill in a Message (optional) to describe what the meeting is about. It is not possible to add custom formatting or links here.
  6. Add Attendees to your meeting, either by selecting active connections, inviting colleagues (who are not in your connections list), or inviting external members by adding their email addresses. If the e-mail address of the attendee is invalid (e.g. incorrect format) then an error is given to correct the e-mail address. Their availability is checked upon adding the users.
  7. If you want to have the meeting online check the button next to Create online meeting link.
  8. Set a Duration of the meeting.
  9. Finally, select a Room you would like to add to the event. Rooms are suggested or can be added manually. 
    A new event without details. Creating an event is not possible due to a lack of Title.
    Add a Message, invite Attendees and add a meeting link.
    Set the appropriate Duration of the meeting and select Room.

  Room Suggestion

A Room is added through suggestion. Suggestions work, based on the following:

  • The meeting room is registered in Mapiq by the administrators of your environment.
  • The meeting room is available for the selected time slot.
  • The user booking the room is eligible to book within the building based on their location profile.
  • Future dates can be suggested (14 days ahead and a maximum of 10 suggestions).

The Mapiq app offers two possibilities to add meeting rooms. One is through suggestions, the other one is by manually selecting a meeting room. When manually selecting a meeting room click on Select a room. Floor and Seats filters are available.

  Adding multiple rooms

It is possible to add multiple rooms to an event. Simply follow the exact same steps once more to add another meeting room to the event.

  Unable to change or remove meeting rooms

Currently, it is not yet possible to change your meeting room or remove meeting rooms.

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