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Underneath the workplace optimization topic, you will always land on the overview tab. The purpose of the overview tab is to provide you with an overview over all of your types of facilities. Additionally, it assists in quickly identifying the facilities that need attention from your end. For example, desks usage which is high, or meeting room occupancy which is low etc. From this insight you can find the facility underneath the other tabs to get into the details.

Applies to

The following administrator roles allow you to view the analytics reports:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Booking Administrator
  • Analytics Viewer

Applicable filters

FiltersSelection type?
BuildingMulti-selectFilter on a specific or multiple building to drill down on it further.
Week lengthSingle-selectDetermines whether you compare a full week (seven days) or only on a workweek (five days). Note that this filter is not applicable to all graphs!
PeriodSingle-selectA filter to determine the period in which you want to evaluate your data. Filters vary from since the beginning of the year all the way back to 2021.

Which of your facilities are used most?

As explained in the introduction, the graph below provides you with an overview over all of your types of facilities, configured in your building, with a quick view that are in need of your attention. The graph is build upon different data sources used in the Mapiq App. The data sources that are the foundation for the graph are:

  • Workspace bookings

      Workspace and workplace bookings

    It is important to note that we are specifying Workspace bookings as a data source and not Workday bookings. For a workspace booking you book a space to work from and using the facilities available. With a workday booking you indicate you're coming to the office, but you're not in use of facilities associated with a workspace.

    • Specific workspace: a booking for a specific desk
    • Any workspace: a booking is which you book a spot on a specific floor or in a specif area.
  • Parking bookings: booking a parking spot in a parking lot
  • Meeting room occupancy: sensor occupancy that measures occupancy within a meeting room.
  • Desk occupancy: sensor data that measures occupancy at a desk

  Available data sources

Graphs only showcase usage of your facilities based on the data sources available to you.

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