Checking in at your office

With the check-in feature, you can let your connections know that you are at the office, or allow another colleague to book a shift by specifying that you are not coming to the office.

Check-in types

Depending on your company's setup you can either have:

  • Manual check-in
  • Automatic check-in
  • Both manual and automatic check-in

Here we'll detail both the manual and automatic check-in functionalities so that you can let your connections know where you are working from or if you're not coming into the office! But before that, it's important to understand the relationship between the check-in feature and booking policies.

Booking policies

Every Mapiq environment has a booking policy configured that dictates how users can book. In total, there are three different policies.

The check-in feature will respond differently based on the chosen policy. In the scenarios covered in this article, there are possibilities to book, change, or delete your shift depending on whether you are in the office. For example, if your company's booking policy does not allow you to book a shift on the day itself, you will also not be able to create a booking through the check-in feature. The same applies to deleting or changing your shift. If your policy does not support the creation, deletion, or changing of shifts, these options will be either greyed out or not visible.

Manual check-in

The manual check-in feature needs to be enabled by your Subscription administrator. Once your administrator enables the feature, you may run into a few scenarios, as explained below. It is good to know that once you have successfully checked in, your check-in status will become visible for all your active connections. This status is indicated by a green circle next to your avatar. Additionally, your status also shows you are At the office.

Check in with a booked shift

After booking a shift, when opening the app on the day you are at the office, you will have the option to confirm whether you are at the office or not. Depending on your choice, your shift will either be confirmed or deleted. Before deleting your shift, you will need to confirm the shift deletion. By deleting your shift, you'll free up space to allow other colleagues to come to the office. After checking in, your status will be shown as At the office, with a green circle.

In case your policy states that you are not allowed to delete on the same day, you will not see the I'm not coming button.

Check in without a booked shift

If you did not book a shift in advance but are at the office, it is possible to book your shift at the office on that day. Open the app on the day you are at the office to confirm that you are at the office, and you will be prompted to create a booking.

In case your policy states that you are not allowed to book on the same day, you will not see the I'm at the office button. In this case you officially exceeding expected capacity.

Delete shift through check-in

Deleting your shift is possible through the check-in feature. If you booked a shift, but you can't come to the office on the day itself, you can click on the I'm not coming button. After doing so, you'll be asked to remove your shift.

If your policy states that you are not allowed to delete on the same day, you will not see the I'm not coming button. In this case, you can't manually remove the shift. If you reach out to your administrators, they can manually remove your shift from the admin portal.

Fully booked office without a shift

If you are at the office when it is fully booked but you don't have a shift,  you will not have any option to book a shift or check in. Mapiq does not allow users to exceed the set capacity. This capacity is based on booked shifts, not checked-in users. As mentioned in the section Check-in without a booked shift, you are now breaking your organization's rules by being at the office in this situation. 

Checked in at a different office

It can occur that you checked in because you booked a shift but have actually decided to go to a different building. Your status will show At another office. By clicking on your status, you can change your shift to a different building to correct your location.


After checking in, your status will state that you're either at the office or at another office. You can click on your status to adjust it. In addition to the At the office and At another office statuses, it is also possible to state that you are Not at the office. This status needs to be set manually. This status should be used to clarify that you are either out for a walk, having lunch outside the office, or no longer working for the rest of the day. 

When you update your status to Not at the office, be aware that this does not delete your shift. Your booked shift will remain intact, and you will still be eligible to come back to the office that day and update your status as At the office.

Automatic check-in

In addition to manual check-in, your organization may also enable the automatic check-in functionality. Your administrators will need to reach out to Mapiq to set up the configuration and connect the office's attendee system for the automatic check-in functionality. For example, Mapiq may need to connect to an access gate system, which will allow notifications to be automatically sent to Mapiq when someone enters or leaves the office. The automatic check-in feature relieves users from manually confirming they're at the office. Since Mapiq will update your status automatically, there are a few situations you need to consider. 

Automatic check-in with a booked shift

This is the desired flow that Office Shift expects: you book a shift in advance and then are checked in automatically when you arrive at the office. Your status will automatically change in the app, and it will be shown as At the office. Also, when checking, the subtitle of At the office will state Automatically checked in at...

Automatic check-in without a booked shift

If you have not booked a shift, your presence may still be detected by the automated check-in attendance system. Your status will be changed to At the office, but instead of showing a green circle, an orange circle will be used. This indicates that something is amiss. In this case, you need to book a shift to ensure a safe capacity. When clicking on your status, you will have the option to book a shift in a manner similar to the manual check-in flow. However, if the office where you want to book this shift at is already at capacity, you will be unable to book a shift.

Automatic check-in at another office

If you booked a shift but decide to swap offices at the last moment, your attendance system will locate you in a different office. Your status will be updated to At another office. You receive an orange circle in front of your status, indicating that something is not correct: your booking and your location are not aligned. You have the option to adjust this and adjust your shift accordingly. If the office you want to book a shift at is full, it may not be possible to book this shift.

Checking out with automatic check-in

The check-out functionality can be achieved by adjusting your status to Not at the office, similar to how you would do it via manual check-in. But depending on your attendance system, it can also be done through the automatic check-in (or rather check-out) functionality. For example, if you have a gate access system, the integration can send a check-out event to Mapiq, setting your status to Not at the office. As with the manual check-out functionality, your shift is not deleted in this case; only your status is changed. 

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