Deleting users from Mapiq

Mapiq can be configured in a way that users can log in with their company credentials. This is called Single Sign On (SSO), more information about this can be found in the articles:

Through the SSO, Mapiq retrieves information on the user necessary to make bookings within Mapiq. New users are automatically created when users log in to Mapiq. However, even though we update and create users through the SSO, it is not setup to automatically remove users. Users need to be removed automatically. In this article it is explained how you can do this.

Applies to

The following administrator roles have the power to delete users:

  • Subscription Owner
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Booking Administrator

Deleting a single user

To delete a single user please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the admin portal and go to the People tab.
  2. Search for the user and select the user, by clicking on the user row, so that the calendar overview is seen. The same calendar as used to book on behalf of a user (check out our How to book on behalf of someone else article).
  3. Click on the Delete button as highlighted in the screen capture below.
  4. Confirm the deletion of the user in the pop-up screen and the individual user is deleted.

Automatic deletion of inactive users

You have the power to delete users yourself, but this can be a repetitive and time-consuming task. To help you with this, Mapiq allows for an automatic deletion of users as well. You might think, why would I need to remove these 'inactive' users at all? It is advised to remove inactive users for several reasons. A few important once are listed below:

  1. Reduce unnecessary clutter in your People overview.
  2. Have more accurate Analytics data.
  3. No time-consuming labor removing users no longer working for your company.
  4. Incorrectly imported through a CSV-import (want to know more about CSV-imports? Read through our Setting up access profiles (quota and location) article).
  5. Contractual reasons.

It is necessary here to address the term 'inactive users'. As Mapiq also uses the term an inactive user if the user has never logged in before, this is visualized on the People tab. When talking about automatic deletion, Mapiq deletes both users that have never logged in before and users that have logged in before, but are no longer actively using the application.

How does that work exactly? It is now possible to set a retention period for users. When the retention period expires, all users with no activity on their account are deleted automatically. The automatic removal of users is optional, it is up to you to decide if this is necessary. To set up your desired retention period follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings >> User retention
  2. Check Delete after a period of inactivity (in days)
  3. Set your desired retention period. A minimum of 180 days can be set and a maximum of 900 days.

  SSO config

In case of a Single Sign On (SSO) configuration, users will no longer be able to log in because they don't exist in your Active Directory, and there is no need to manually remove users. For customers that use a Self Sign Up (SSU) configuration however, users in theory could still log in to your Mapiq environment if they know their credentials after leaving your company. If you have SSU setup, it is advised to plan in a task to remove these users manually.

Bulk deletion of users

It is also possible to do a bulk deletion of users. Follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to the admin portal and go to the People tab.
  2. Instead of clicking on a specific user, check the checkbox in front of the name to select the user.
  3. Continue selecting the users you want to delete by checking more checkboxes.
  4. Scroll up, so you can see the Edit and Delete button and click Edit.
  5. A new popup will be shown, click on Delete to bulk delete the users

  Bulk deletion

We are talking about a bulk deletion, however, behind the scenes Mapiq queues up each user to be deleted. Therefore, it is advised to remove only 30 users at a time. This is the exact number of users you can see per page.

Tips on bulk deletion

Being mindful of the above warning when deleting 30 users at a time, you can use the following tips to speed up your deletion process:

  • Use the top checkbox to select all the users visible on the page with one click. By using this method you will only delete 30 users at a time, adhering to the warning above.
  • Use a combination of the filters on the People tab and (potentially) profiles to filter only the users you want to delete. For example, create a user deletion profile on the Quota profiles, and upload all your to-be-deleted users there. Or filter on Inactive users and delete all of them as well.

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