Sync with your work calendar

Mapiq allows you to connect with your work calendar. By integrating your work calendar, you can book meeting rooms and view all your upcoming events and event attendees. 

Syncing your calendar

Syncing with your calendar is a relatively simple process. To enable it, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to Mapiq, either through the app or the website (
  2. Go to Your Profile and scroll down until you see the Calendar synchronization option click Enable.
  3. You need to give consent to Mapiq to access your calendar, walkthrough the process and sign in with your work account. After going through the consent flow you will have successfully synced your work calendar.

  Button not visible?

The administrators need to enable the work calendar synchronization from the admin portal. It can also be that this feature is not part of your subscription. If you do not see the Calendar synchronization button, this means that the calendar integration is not enabled for your organization.

What do I give consent to

When integrating your work calendar, Mapiq uses existing user permissions. In doing so, Mapiq cannot access anything you have not shared according to the policies set by your organization within the work calendar. This includes all previously configured policies or booking rules. For example, if you attempt to book a room that you are restricted from booking, the app will reject your request, and your meeting will not be added to the meeting room calendar. 

By consenting, Mapiq can access all events from the user-owned calendars and can create new events in these calendars. Mapiq does not have access to the calendars of non-consenting users, nor can it access shared calendars that the user has access to. However, if those users attend a meeting in the user’s calendar, Mapiq can see some of their details, such as display name, email address, and attendance status.

  Data storage

Mapiq does not store calendar data. The integration ensures that work agendas remain the primary source of the calendar data. If a user revokes their consent, then Mapiq will no longer have access to that user’s calendar data.

Calendar statuses

You can connect your work calendar to have a daily overview of all your meetings and attending colleagues. Mapiq included color coding to let you know the status of the meeting.

You're at the office during this meeting
You're remote during this meeting
Pending meetingCanceled meeting

After connecting, it is also possible to create meetings through Mapiq. Based on your criteria, specific meeting rooms are suggested (only available meeting rooms are suggested). You can invite external users as well. Mapiq can put the invitees in to three different buckets.

At the office
Invitees that are known in Mapiq and will be in the office on the day of meeting at the location the meeting is hosted. The phrase At the office is replaced by the actual building name where the meeting is hosted.
Invitees known to Mapiq, that are working, but will not be in the office where the meeting is hosted.
Invitees unknown to Mapiq, usually externals or no location known. As we have no details, Mapiq we can't categorize the user.

  Profiles and bookings

If an invitee did not yet set a workday status, they will show up under Unknown for the meeting attendees' availability. Once an invitee has set themselves to Not working or Working remote, they will be shown as such in the attendees list.

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