Testing Single Sign On

(click image to open the SSO validation tool or type ssovalidation.mapiq.com in your browser)

With Mapiq's SSO validation tool you can test, debug and validate your SSO integration. The tool provides feedback by displaying the received and mapped claim values and it shows what impact it has on the different features requiring Single Sign On. Changes made within your Identity Provider will be reflected nearly instant in the SSO Validation Tool by clicking the return button which signs you out. When you reauthenticate the updated information will be shared and displayed within the SSO Validation Tool.

Important information

Since the SSO validation tool requires a separate configuration in the Identity Provider (test vs production), the configuration of the claims on production should exactly match those of the test environment. This is your responsibility as Mapiq does not have the tools to verify this within your system.


It is required to setup a Single Sign On integration with Mapiq's test authentication service. For more information see the article on Configuring Single Sign On

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