Multiple environments

This feature is for enterprise customers only
This feature requires a SSO integration

The custom lookup table

It may be useful to separate users and data between different environments. As an enterprise customer you will have the possibility to setup an 'custom lookup table' together with one of Mapiq's Solution Architects specifically designed for the business logic required for your business. Within this table it is possible to redirect users of your business to separate envrionments based upon a predefined claim value. Please see an example design below.


It is important to understand that the environments are containerized and no data is shared between them:

  • Analytics data will be separated between environments and it is not possible to see any of the data of any other environment than the environment you are assigned to following the lookup table
  • If a user is assigned to environment A (with buildings from The Netherlands), it will be impossible for that user to book shifts in any of the buildings of environment B (with buildings from the UK) or environment C (with buildings from the USA).
  • This logic also applies to the admin portal: an administrator assigned to the environment B cannot make changes to either environment A or environment C. 
  • Access and location profiles will not be shared between environments
It is still possible for outside users to have a seat in your office via the guest booking functionality
When you, at a later point, decide to merge environments only the data of a single environment (the one which you merge the other environments to) will remain accessible. Mapiq can provide a data export but this cannot be imported in the environment

Claims to use

Any of the following claims may be used as input for the subscription lookup table. Please be aware that only a single claim can be used and that no AND/OR logic can be applied.

  • Country
  • Office

If these claims do not offer the granularity you need, a custom claim can be used. This allows to combine multiple values into a single claim. For example:


The claims transformation required to create this combined claim, the Mapiq Subscription Key, should be applied on the customer's side and should be shared with Mapiq according to the following format:

ProtocolExpected claim namespace and name
OpenId Connectmapiq_subscription_key *
* this claim needs to be included in one of the following scopes: openid, email, or profile

Please read more about sharing claims in the articles on Configuring Single Sign On 

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