Can I make an overview of my shift history?

Overview of Shift history

As Mapiq is used for a safe return to the office, a frequent received question is whether an overview of the Shift history is possible. A frequent example of why users want to have a look in their Shift history, is to have a quick overview of when they were in the office, and for which days they can reimburse their travel expenses.

Shift overview

Unfortunately, such an overview is not easily feasible. On the user side of the application, it is only possible to see an overview of the current week and into the future. The amount of days you can look ahead is dependent on how many days ahead you're allowed to book a shift. 

Is there no history stored? There is, a history of booked shifts in the admin portal. This admin portal is only accessible for appointed administrators within your organization. They are also responsible for all the other configurations. These admins can look back up to 60 days. After 60 days, the data is no longer accessible to them.


It was mentioned earlier, but it is very important to remember that the administrators configuring Mapiq are appointed within your own organization. Meaning that Mapiq appoints a Subscription Administrator from your organization, who can appoint different administrators within the organization, to help configure your Mapiq application. This also means that Mapiq has no say in the configuration active within your organization or has any insights. We only provide support in configuring the environment.

That being said, if you need an overview of your Shifts, the best option is to reach out internally, to see if an overview can be created for you. If you have no idea who to contact, you can use either of the two options below:

  1. Contact the e-mail address listed under Questions? under Your Profile (right top corner through the web interface, bottom right corner through the mobile app). Mind you, that you can also see an overview of all your permissions within Office Shifts.
  2. In case no e-mail address is listed (it's not mandatory), get in touch with your local IT or facility desk. Usually, these are the colleagues within your organization who can direct you to the correct person.

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