I can't see the office I want to book

I can't see the office I want to book

Sometimes you, as a user of Office Shifts, can run into an issue that you are not allowed to book a shift at your desired location. Possible causes are:

  1. The location was never configured by the administrators.
  2. You are blocked from booking the specific building, floor or area.
  3. The building, floor or area is removed.

The location was never configured

This is a rare situation, but in some cases you as a user expect a specific building, floor or area to be available. If the building, floor or area was never configured, it simply is not available in the app.

You are blocked

Administrators, appointed within your Office Shifts environment, configure the Office Shifts app. Within an admin portal, they can set access levels by setting so-called Location profiles. If you want to learn more on Location profiles we advise you to read through the Setting up location profiles article.
In short, with these Location profiles administrators determine which building(s), floor(s) and/or area(s) are visible to you. Administrators link your account to a specific Location profile. Any changes made to that the Location profile will be made visible after starting up the application or every refresh. In certain cases, it can occur that your Location profile might be different from a close colleague.
In theory, administrators can temporarily hide a building, floor or area previously active in your Location profile. Reasons for doing so can be:

  • Renovation of the building.
  • Closing of the building for holiday reasons.
  • Planned training in a specific area only accessible for specific users.
If your office makes use of desk booking, note that a specific desk can't be blocked for you. You will be blocked on an area level.

The building, floor or area is removed

In certain cases, administrators can completely remove a building, floor or area. Occasionally, it occurs that the building configuration is updated, and certain areas get combined or areas are completely removed and bookings can only be made on a floor level.
In these situations, it can occur that the spot you used to book is no longer made available. It is not hidden, but completely removed from the configuration.


It was mentioned earlier, but it is very important to remember that the administrators configuring Office Shifts are appointed within your own organization. Meaning that Mapiq appoints a Subscription Administrator from your organization, who can appoint different administrators within the organization, to help configure your Office Shifts application. This also means that Mapiq has no say in the configuration active within your organization. We only provide support in configuring the environment.

That being said, if you feel you should be placed into a different Location profile or a specific building, floor or area is missing, you need to reach out to your local appointed administrators. They can assist you in setting the correct permission. If you have no idea who to contact, you can use either of the two options below:

  1. Contact the e-mail address listed under Questions? under Your Profile (right top corner through the web interface, bottom right corner through the mobile app). Mind you, that you can also see an overview of all your permissions within Office Shifts.
  2. In case no e-mail address is listed (it's not mandatory), get in touch with your local IT or facility desk. Usually, these are the colleagues within your organization who can direct you to the correct person.

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