How to add desks


By adding desks to a map, users are able to book a specific workstation within the office. Mapiq will automatically suggest a desk to the user based on availability. The user can accept the suggestion or chose their own preferred desk.

  Building created already?

Before continuing, make sure you've already created a building, added floors, a map, and outlined all the areas on the floor. Take a look at the Set up your building and Adding a map articles for more info on how to set up your building..

What can you do?

  1. Add desks in areas.
  2. Rotate and position the desks properly on the map.
  3. Set the desk size.
  4. Add a single desk or multiple ones in desk groups.
  5. Add desk groups quickly without needing to change your configuration.
  6. Give a unique name to each desk.
  7. Block desks to ensure a safe distance between employees.

Accessing the admin portal

To access the admin portal, go to and log in with your company account. If you receive a message informing you that you don't have the right to access it, get in touch with your Subscription administrator. They can set the proper permissions for your account. Not sure who to contact? Go to 'Your Profile' in the top right corner and a contact e-mail address will be shown under 'Questions' (if properly configured by your company). Not sure what permission level you need to adjust/configure your building? Check out this article to find out all about permissions.

Adding desks

Controls of the map editor

Below you can find a list of functionalities available on the map editor related to desks

Move desk group
Select the group by clicking on it, hold and drag the mouse to position the desk group to its proper location.
Rotate desk group
Select the group, click on the circle above it, hold and rotate the desk group to the desired orientation. Alternatively, you can rotate desks 90 degrees by clicking the two rotate buttons in the green Placing desks box.
Single row
All desks will be visualized in a single row. When adding a desk, a single desk is added.
Double row
All desks will be visualized in a double row. When adding a desk, two desks are added, one in each row.
Placing desks box
Green box on top of the map editor that is used to confirm or delete a desk edition. It can also be used to copy and rotate desk groups.
Admins can zoom by either scrolling with the mouse or use the - and + buttons in the bottom right corner of the map editor.
Navigation over the map
To navigate over the map, click, hold and drag your mouse across the screen. When doing so on a desk group, this will only move the desks.
Preview the created map and see how your colleagues would see the map within the application.

Add desks

  1. In order to add desks, it is mandatory to have created an area that has an area outlines.
  2. Select the area where you want to add desks, by clicking on the area in the menu on the left side under Areas.
  3. Once the area is selected, go to the action bar and select    Add desks.
  4. When pressing the   Add desks button, a new Edit desks menu shows where you can set properties for the desk group. Here you can edit the desk group to your liking.
  5. In the middle of the map editor, a desk group can be seen drawn in with the recognizable green box to confirm your changes. Properties to set:
    1. Desk group.
    2. Desk size. The size set is the size for an individual desk.
    3. If the desk group consists of a single- or double row.
    4. Number of desks in desk group.
    5. Disable desks within group.
  6. Start off by properly configuring your desks. Set the size of an individual desk, note that by doing so all the desks in your desk group change accordingly. 
  7. Then set the rows of your desk group. You have two options, Single row or Double row.
    Single row
    Double row
  8. Now move down to the Desks menu. Remove or add desks to the group by pressing   or .
  9. When adding or removing desks in a single row, single desks will be added. If you add or remove desks in the double row configuration, desks will be added or removed in pairs. Try it out, and you will notice that the desk group visualization adjusts accordingly. 
  10. Position your desk group over the map to its correct location by moving and rotating it. Note that when hovering over the desk group, and whilst dragging it, the desk group becomes transparent, so it can be properly placed on the map.

      Desk positioning

    Desks need to be positioned within the outlines of the selected area! If the desk (group) is placed outside the selected area, you will run into validation errors, and will not be allowed to publish the changes. If you run into issues, make sure you have added the desk (group) inside the correct area outline.

  11. Once it is in the correct location click on Finish in the green Placing desks box.
  12. Now add the rest of the desk groups following the same procedure and place them properly within the area.
  13. Please notice that when adding new desks, the last configuration and orientation is used. Usually, areas have multiple desk groups of the same size and arrangement.
    Tip: in order to save time, first add all the desk groups of the same size without changing the configuration. Go over the differently shaped desks later on. When copying desk groups, the blocked/enabled status of desks will also be remembered (see step 14 - 17).
  14.  After all the desk groups are added in, you can name each individual desk and chose if any of them must be disabled for booking. 
  15. Click on the desk group you want to add desk names to, by clicking directly on them in the map editor.
  16. Enter the name of the desk by filling it in, in the Edit desk menu on the right side. Hovering over a specific desk will highlight it on the map.

      Zigzag pattern

    Desks are drawn in, in a zigzag pattern, from the left top to the right bottom. 

  17. If the selected desk must be blocked for booking, click on the dropdown arrow adjacent to the desk name and select Blocked desk. The desk dropdown arrow will be hatched, same as the desk on the map.
  18. When blocking desks, the capacity of the area, and floor, is adjusted accordingly.
  19. To make the desks bookable, a final step is needed. Go out of the Edit desks menu by pressing Finish in the green Placing desks box or by selecting the area where the desks are added under Areas on the left side.
  20. At the bottom of the Edit area a toggle button called Desk booking is shown. If no desks are added, this option is disabled and can not be toggled. After adding desks, you have the option to turn this on or off. Toggling this button has the following effects:
    1. On. Desk booking is enabled for the end-user. Users can book a desk from the application and change their seat by selecting a different one on the map.
    2. Off. Desk booking is disabled. The map and desk groups are visible to the user, but a spot will be booked within the area and not on a specific desk. Users are free to decide where to sit upon arrival.

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