Creating a new account

Depending on your company, you can either log in with your company account or you need to create a new account. When the Mapiq logo is shown after you've entered your company email address, you first need to sign up before you can use Mapiq. 

If you have trouble signing in with your company account, go through our I have troubles signing in to Mapiq article or contact your company's IT desk.

In short, there are three steps before you can log in with your new account:

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Set a password
  3. Fill in your name

Sign up

Go to or use the Office Shifts app. Tap on sign in and enter your company's email address. On the next screen, use the option 'Sign up now'.

You can only sign up using your company's email address, a general email like won't work.

Creating a new account

First up, you need to verify your email. In this way Mapiq will know you're the owner of the email address. Enter your email address, and press 'Send verification code'. Now check your email inbox, and look for an email with the subject 'Mapiq account email verification code'. Enter the verification code in the sign up page.

Next up, enter a password and your name. Your name will be visible to your colleagues when they want to connect with you. When you're all set, tap 'Create' to finish the sign up process.

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