Getting started as a Shift host

As a Shift host, you take care of a safe office capacity during a day at the office. You check which shifts are booked by whom.

Accessing Mapiq Admin

Log in to to find the Admin in the menu. 

To make sure that Mapiq is up-to-date with any recent changes for your assigned administrator role, log out if you are already signed in before you have been notified of your new role and log in again. If you experience any problems, please contact

Getting an overview of booked shifts 

The ‘Shifts’ tab gives an overview of which shift is booked by whom. This overview can be exported and used on the day itself to check if the people coming in should be allowed to have access to the office. 

Getting an overview of administrators 

On the administrator section on the ‘Settings’ tab, you will find an overview of all administrators and their roles. For tasks you do not have permissions for, consult with your Subscription administrator. 

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