Getting started as a Booking Host

As a Booking Host, have insights in all the different types of bookings created for your office and by whom.

Applicable to

The functionalities outlined in this article are applicable to:

  • Subscription Owner 
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Booking Administrator
  • Booking Assistant
  • Booking Host

Getting an overview of bookings 

In the Bookings tab, you can view the created bookings per day. Within the Bookings tab you have the option to quickly filter on the different booking types (e.g. workspaces or parking spots). Use filters, sort and search for specific users to get the desired result you want. As a Booking Assistant, you can also delete bookings. The user will not be notified automatically when you delete their booking, so it’s a good idea to inform them about this.

Getting an overview of administrators 

On the administrator section on the ‘Settings’ tab, you will find an overview of all administrators and their roles. For tasks you do not have permissions for, consult with your Subscription administrator. 

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