Getting started as a Booking Assistant

As a Booking Assistant, you assist in making bookings for someone else, and you can modify the booking schedule. This role is meant to assist others in their planning, often used for PA’s or department secretaries. For one-off situations that require exceptions on the access profile, you can also make bookings exceeding the profile restrictions.

Applicable to

The functionalities outlined in this article are applicable to:

  • Subscription Owner 
  • Subscription Administrator
  • Building Administrator
  • Booking Administrator
  • Booking Assistant

Main functionalities

  • See an overview of the buildings, profiles, users and bookings on the Home tab.

  • See an overview of the bookings on the Bookings tab.

  • Have an overview of the users and guests on the People tab.

  • Register guests through the People tab.

  • Monitor the way Mapiq has been used on the Analytics tab.

Accessing Mapiq Admin  

Log in to to find the Admin in the menu. 

  Logout and in

To make sure that Mapiq is up-to-date with any recent changes for your assigned administrator role, log out if you are already signed in before you have been notified of your new role and log in again. If you experience any problems, please contact

Before enabling Mapiq to go live and allowing employees to make their bookings, a few important aspects should be in place first to coordinate working days and ensure a safe capacity. The order of setting things up is for you to decide, but it might be useful to start with assigning other administrators first.

Register guests

As a Booking Assistant you have the power to register guests. By registering a guest you can create a booking on behalf of the guest.

Getting an overview of administrators

On the administrator section on the Settings tab, you will find an overview of all administrators and their roles. For tasks, you do not have permissions for, consult with your Subscription administrator.

Assisting with booking shifts

In the People tab, you can find an overview of all the users (active and inactive) and guests with access to the buildings. The People tab enables you to search for users and guests and filter on them.  

When clicking on a user or guest, the person's profile page will be opened. This page provides their personal booking overview and enables you to edit their bookings. For one-off situations that require exceptions on the access profile, you can make bookings exceeding the profile’s restrictions. More information about booking on behalf of someone else is explained in How to book on behalf of someone else.

Managing bookings

In the Bookings tab, you can view the created bookings per day. Within the Bookings tab you have the option to quickly filter on the different booking types (e.g. workspaces or parking spots). Use filters, sort and search for specific users to get the desired result you want. As a Booking Assistant, you can also delete bookings. The user will not be notified automatically when you delete their booking, so it’s a good idea to inform them about this.

Viewing analytics

In the Analytics tab, you will be able to get insights into the booking behavior and plan your building capacity accordingly.

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