Administrator roles and permissions

Mapiq Admin is a powerful tool to coordinate office days, ensuring a safe capacity. It’s very likely that the work behind the scenes will not be performed by only one person. Mapiq Admin offers a set of roles that can be assigned to give other colleagues sufficient administrator permissions to take care of certain parts of Mapiq.

Permissions per role

Subscription administratorBuilding administratorShift
Shift host      
Shift bookings✔️
✔️View only
Building configuration✔️✔️View only

User management✔️✔️✔️Guest creation
View only

Access profiles✔️✔️Assign only

Analytics overview✔️✔️✔️

General settings✔️✔️View onlyView onlyView only
Administrator rights✔️✔️View onlyView onlyView only

Role assignment

The table below illustrates which admin roles can assign members to other roles. The Subscription administrator and the Building administrator are the only roles with role assignment permissions.

User can assign
User is
Subscription administrator

User is
Building administrator

Subscription administrator✔️
Building administrator✔️
Shift administrator✔️
Shift assistant✔️✔️
Shift host✔️✔️
Analytics viewer✔️✔️

Role description and use cases

Subscription administrator

As a Subscription administrator, you have control of every aspect of the configuration within the Mapiq subscription. On top of that, you can assign administrative roles to other users within their subscriptions.

Use case:
A Subscription administrator is assigned when a new subscription is created. In larger organizations, the subscription manager would typically set up some additional lower-level administrators (like the Building administrator) to allow them to start configuring parts of the subscription.

Building administrator

As a Building administrator, you are the operational Mapiq manager. You take care of the capacity of every building and structure this in the way the office is divided into areas. You can create and delete quota profiles, and assign Shift assistants, Shift hosts, and Analytics viewers.

Use case:
A facility manager sets up the building structure and the capacity associated with each structure.  

Shift administrator

As a Shift administrator, you decide which employees need to be in the office to provide a certain amount of quota. All while taking locations and frequencies into account.

Use case:
In case tasks will be more divided, the Shift administrator takes care of the access profiles. This reduces the work for the Building administrator to the building capacity.

Shift assistant

As a Shift assistant, you assist in booking shifts for guests and colleagues, and you can modify the shift schedule.

Use case:
This role is meant to assist others in their shift planning, often used for PA’s or department secretaries. For one-off situations that require exceptions on the access profile, you can also book shifts exceeding the access profile’s restrictions.

Shift host

As a Shift host, you take care of a safe office capacity during a day at the office. You check which shifts are booked by whom.

Use case:
A security team member wants to see who has booked a shift for the day and export that information.  

Analytics viewer

As an Analytics viewer, you can view the Analytics tab and see data about how Mapiq is used.

Use case:
A data science team needs to view the Office Shifts dashboard.

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