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What can the app do with your location?

Mapiq Now is focused around your live location in the office. The app will only see your location in workplaces and meeting rooms in the office, and doesn't locate you outside of the office. Using your location in Mapiq Now allows you to:

  1. See relevant suggestions on workplaces, meeting rooms, lockers nearby. Instead of showing a list of all facilities in the building without a live location.
  2. Automatically share your live location with your colleagues. Make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues and find each other in a flexible office. If you don't want to share your location with colleagues, you first have to setup localization, after which you can disable location sharing.
  3. Control facilities nearby. Such as opening lockers or changing the temperature and lighting in certain areas
Not all functionalities might be available in your office.

Setting up location location services

Types of location

As a user, you have full control over your privacy. That means you're always in control whether, and at what times, Mapiq Now can use your location. You can control this both through settings on your phone, and settings in Mapiq. You can choose between three options when it comes down to setting up your live location:

  1. Enable location services to control your office and get relevant facility suggestions, and share your live location with colleagues. Only your last known location is stored for up to 24 hours, and will be automatically deleted when you exit the office.
  2. Enable location services to control your office and get relevant facility suggestions, but hide your location from colleagues. Change your sharing preferences on the settings page.
  3. Disable location services entirely. Your location will never be known by Mapiq or your colleagues. You cannot use any location based functionality in Mapiq Now.

When it comes to updating your live location, there are two ways in which you can set up your phone:

  1. Foreground localization: When the app is open and visible on your screen, the app can determine your location. When you switch to another app or close the app, your location isn't updated anymore. The location you had while the app was open will remain visible for a while if you've shared your location.
  2. Background localization: Localization can also be enabled when the app is running 'in the background', when you've switched to another app or when your phone is standby. When you move through the office, your location will be updated automatically without the need to open the app. Take into account that background localization is not instant, it might take a while to update. 

Location services on iOS

When you use Mapiq Now for the first time, there's some steps you need to take to make sure location services are configured the way you want. Whatever you choose at setup, you can always change your settings later.

1. After you launch the app for the first time you will see this screen that gives you information about how the app can use your location. If you want to use your live location, select 'Use and share location'. If you want, you can disable the sharing of your location after setup in the app settings.

2. Next you have to give Mapiq Now permission to use your location. Choose 'Allow While Using App' for the best experience. This will enable 'Foreground localization' as described above.

3. Mapiq Now uses Bluetooth technology for indoor localization. Select 'OK' to allow to app to use this technology.

4. To enable background localization, keep the app running while you're in the office. After a while your iPhone will ask whether you want to allow Mapiq Now to access to your location when you're not using the app. Select 'Change to Always Allow'.

The app will only use your location when you're in the office. Your location information is never stored after you've left the office.

5. If you want to change the permission Mapiq Now has regarding your location, you can always do so. Open the 'Settings' app on your iPhone, go to 'Privacy', select 'Location Services' and find Mapiq Now in the list of apps. On this page you can select when Mapiq Now can use your location.

Location services on Android

On Android, background localization is not supported. Mapiq Now will only locate you when you have the app running in the foreground.

How does indoor localization work?

Location update frequency

Once you have allowed Mapiq Now to always use your location, your location is updated if you have the app is running in the background. Depending on your device model and other apps running, expect a new location update in 5 minutes. If you want to immediately see your new location, open the app. Alternatively, on the 'Here & Now' page you can pull to refresh to update immediately.

Underlying technology

Traditional localization technologies like GPS don't work indoors, which is why Mapiq Now uses Bluetooth to locate you in the office. Inside the building there are iBeacons, which your phone can pick up. Based on the signal strength of these iBeacons, Mapiq can compute where your location is. It depends per building where the iBeacons are placed, and how many there are. This has an impact on accuracy and update speed.

When you're outside of your building, there are no iBeacons, so Mapiq Now cannot determine your location. Your GPS location is used to activate indoor localization once you're in the vicinity of your building. 

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