Getting started with Mapiq

Mapiq gives you the flexibility to book days in the office that suit you and your team best. With this getting started guide, you'll be up and running as quickly as possible—and you can access links to more in-depth articles if needed. Let's dive in!

Logging into your account

You can use Mapiq on any device through your browser or our app. Bookmark the URL for quick access. Use either of these options to access Mapiq:

Go to or

Enter your work email address to log in. Depending on your situation, you will be directed to your company's login page or you will need to sign up for a new account.

Plan your days in the office

When you’ve logged in successfully, you will see Your quota: this indicates how many days you can book per week and which days you can book. You can also set your Default office: this is the office that is your first choice and allows you to book a shift more quickly. For future reference, you can always find your quota and default office on Your profile.

Now you’re ready to book your first shift. Start by selecting the day you want to come to the office. You can only select days that are not fully booked yet.

  Do you have questions about your quota, accessible locations, or do you need an extra shift? Contact your administrator. Find the contact details on Your profile

Select your favorite workplace

If applicable, select the location of your shift. You will only see the locations you can book. You can change the office, or select a floor, area, and desk. The number of shifts available per location is also visible. When you come to the office, go to the selected location.

Connect with your work calendar

By connecting your work calendar, you'll have a full and in-depth overview of your agenda. You will be able to see which days you have meetings, indicated by the calendar icon.
When selecting a specific day, an overview is presented where you can book your shift, view all your meetings on that day, and access the connections tab. By opening a meeting, you can see additional information on where the meeting will take place, and which of your colleagues are joining the meeting. Enable these settings through the Your profile tab.

  1. Go to Your profile  in the menu
  2. Scroll down until you see Calendar synchronization 
  3. Toggle the button so it is green
  4. Give Mapiq consent to read your work calendar.

Find your meetings

Once you have connected your work calendar, you will be able to see which days you have scheduled meetings by an envelope icon . Click on a specific day to see the meeting details. The meeting tile style indicates the meeting status.

You are attending the meeting in personYou are attending the meeting remotelyThe meeting is pendingThe meeting is cancelled.

Connecting with your colleagues

In Mapiq, you can make a connection with your colleagues to see who is planning to be in the office on which days. Once you have made a connection, you can see the booked shifts of your connected colleagues, and they can see yours. Connections are easily made by sending or accepting a person’s invite.

  1. In the menu go to Your connections 
  2. Search for your colleague, or enter their email address
  3. Send a connection invite
  4. Once they've accepted your invite, their shifts will show up on the calendar

Find out more about sharing your shifts with connections.

Connections overview in calendarConnections overview for the dayConnections at your location for the day

Manage and delete your shifts

After you've booked a shift, you can edit the location or delete the shift. If your plans change and you're unable to come into the office, it's always a good idea to delete your shift. That will allow your colleagues to come to the office instead. To edit or delete your shift, tap on the booked shift in the calendar.

Select the day you booked a shiftPress the Delete booking or Change button in the booking overviewIn case you deleted your shift, your checkmark is removed and a + sign is shown 

  Deleting or editing a shift on the day itself is not always allowed by your company.

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