Using Mapiq

It’s time to go back to the office! Mapiq is going to be a part of your daily office experience and will be essential in creating a useful day at the office. Mapiq gives you the freedom and flexibility to make bookings in the office that suit you and your team best.

  1. Plan your days at the office
  2. Book a day in the office or book a spot in your favorite desk
  3. Connect your work calendar and book and view your meetings
  4. Find and book a free room through the Here & Now page
  5. Adjust and remove your bookings
  6. Socialize and make connections

How to use Mapiq

The Mapiq product is split in two services, the Mapiq Admin portal and the Mapiq application. Within Admin portal, administrators from the customers are appointed (e.g. management, HR, project team), allowing them to fully configure the Mapiq app. Configurations available to them are, setting up the office environment, creating maps, setting booking policies and enabling integrations, like connecting to your work calendar. 

As a user of the app, you'll connect with the Mapiq App. The Mapiq App is a native mobile app and web based responsive application (, which you can use on all of your devices with a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari). Everything available to you is set up by administrators in the Mapiq Admin portal.



Log in to Mapiq

You can log in to Mapiq by visiting our responsive web application via Enter your email address and use your office password to login. There are two ways you can log in, depending on your situation. Login with your company credentials or without company credentials. 

Login with your company credentials

In this case, you are able to log in with the credentials you normally used to access company systems. You can log in as follows:

Click on Sign in
Fill in your email address
Fill in company password

Login without company credentials

When logging in without company credentials, you will first need to create an account through Mapiq. Read how you can do that in the article Creating a new account.

Login for the first time

When logging in for the first time, you are greeted by a welcome message configured by your employer. This welcome message is accompanied by your specific profile with your access rights. If two or more offices are configured, you will also been given the opportunity to set your default office.

Welcome messageSelect a default office

Make a booking in Mapiq

Now that you’re logged into Mapiq you're ready to make your first booking. There are multiple types of bookings that you can make. Specifically

Workspace booking
When you need to specify on which floor or in which are or at what desks you are going to work, we are talking about a workspace booking. A workspace booking counts towards your workspace quota (how often you can come to the office during the week).
Workday booking
In contrast to a workspace booking, a workday booking allows you to simply clarify that you are coming to the office, without needing a specific workspace (e.g. desk) to work. Ideal if you have a lot of meeting. Additionally, workday bookings do not count towards workspace quota.
Parking booking
If you made either a workspace- or workday booking, you also have the possibility to make a parking booking. In doing so you are also guaranteed a parking spot in your favorite parking lot. A parking booking counts towards the parking quota, this is split from the workspace quota. Note that you are unable to make a parking booking when you are unable to make a workspace or workday booking, as you can only book a parking spot with an active workspace or workday booking.

  Optional or mandatory?

Admins within the environment can clarify in which building a workspace booking is mandatory and for which building it is optional. As expected, when it is mandatory you need to specify a workspace. In case optional is configured, you can choose whether you book a workday or a workspace.

The level of detail is determined by your employer. After you have made a booking, Mapiq remembers your latest booking and automatically fills this in for your next booking, saving you time in the process.

Delete and edit your booking

If you decide not to come to the office anymore on a specific day, or you want to swap your day around, you have the possibility to delete or edit your booking. Simply select the booking you want to adjust and update or delete your booking.

  Booking policy

Be aware that your employer administrates Mapiq and determines the booking policy. Depending on the applied booking policy, deleting bookings on the day itself might not be allowed. If you need to swap bookings, get in touch with the administrators within your own organization.

Connect to your work calendar

You can connect your work calendar to have a daily overview of all your meetings and attending colleagues. Mapiq included color coding to let you know the status of the meeting.

You're at the office during this meeting
You're remote during this meeting
Pending meetingCanceled meeting

After connecting, it is also possible to create meetings through Mapiq. Based on your criteria, specific meeting rooms are suggested (only available meeting rooms are suggested). You can invite external users as well. Mapiq can put the invitees in to three different buckets.

At the office
Invitees that are known in Mapiq and will be in the office on the day of meeting at the location the meeting is hosted. The phrase At the office is replaced by the actual building name where the meeting is hosted.
Invitees known to Mapiq, that are working, but will not be in the office where the meeting is hosted.
Invitees unknown to Mapiq, usually externals. As we have no details, Mapiq doesn't know.

Lastly, you can also add meeting rooms on the fly when you have an existing booking, and you are the organizer of the meeting. Simply open the meeting to add the room or click on Add location .

Here & Now

After connecting your work calendar, make use of the Here & Now page to get a meeting room easy and quick. Next to adding a room to an existing event, it often happens that you end up in an ad-hoc meeting room. Instead of running through the office trying to find a free spot, make use of the Here & Now page. The Here & Now page sets the start time directly to the current time, and evaluates all available meeting rooms based on your criteria. You can set the duration, floors or number of seats for your meeting. After selecting a specific room, you also have the option to add invitees. But if you want to be quick, simply press book and the room is yours!

Connect with colleagues

If you want to know if your colleagues are also working and in which office, make a connection with them to understand where they will be. By sending and accepting the request, you get these insights and can make a decision on making your own booking. Decide to sit next to them, see if they are already at the office through the check-in feature. Colleagues pop-up in your day overview.

Check your quota and change your default office

In the settings menu, you can easily change your default office, turn on your calendar synchronization, enable notification and find a contact e-mail address for within your organization. Also, you can find the rules of your profiles here.

Settings page

  Questions on policy?

If you have any question about the rules set under Your profile get in touch with the administrators within your organization. A contact address can be found at Questions? or reach out to your local service desk for more information. Note that Mapiq is unable to make any changes to your profile.

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