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The Mapiq interfaces

Mapiq is available on two different interfaces:

  • Mapiq web, reachable through your browser on all devices ( interface on the left)
  • Our native application, your personal assistant at the office, which is available on your Smartphone. The application is called Mapiq Now. 

Mapiq Web

Mapiq Web (for all devices)

Mapiq is based on a 3D model of your office. It is accessible from all devices with a browser. Visiting your companies' personal environment  (through a URL) and logging in with your credentials will give you access. At desktop sized screens the 3D model of your building is shown. When you are using a smaller screen, for example your smartphone, the 3D map is compressed to a 2D model to make your Mapiq experience as smooth as possible. 

The picture below shows a more detailed overview of Mapiq Web. At the left side you can see the floor selection. Next to that you can see the 3D model of your building, On the right side you can find the menu. The different parts of the interface communicate with each other.  

Note: When you use Mapiq Web on devices with small screens ( e.g. your phone) then only the right menu is shown. There is a map available in 2D to let you have a smooth experience.  


Mapiq Now (only for iOS & Android)

Next to Mapiq web there is a native application, Mapiq Now. Mapiq Now is optional so this part cannot be applicable on your situation. Not sure you have access to Mapiq Now, ask your companies servicedesk. 

Mapiq Now uses your location to give you the best recommendations in the vicinity. We often compare it with ordering a pizza:  'If you order a pizza you don't want all the pizza places in the country but only those in the vicinity,' the same goes for you in big offices. 

The three main features of of Mapiq Now are in a nutshell:

  • Here and Now, which gives you recommendations based on your location
  • Meet, which gives you the possibility to find your perfect meeting room
  • People, which let's you find colleagues in the building and reach out to them

These main features are shown in the tabs at the bottom of the application. The you tab gives you the possibility to adjust your settings, for example location sharing. 

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