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One modular platform  

The Mapiq platform offers you a platform which integrates all kinds of features in one easy to use interface. The platform is build modular and offers you 6 solutions: platform, meetings, workplaces, collaboration, controls and analytics. The modular platform allows companies to individually choose the solutions which fit their needs best. 

The solutions 

Mapiq is build modular, which means that your solutions are adjusted to your companies needs. There are six possible solutions.


Your starting point for a great day at work!

At the heart of Mapiq’s platform lies our web application with a digital 3D model of your building. It’s the ideal way to get more insight in the building, navigate through it, orientate yourself and find your bearings. All of our solutions can be accessed directly from here. Important features of our platform are:

  • Wayfinding through your building
  • Logging in with your companies credentials, called Single Sign- On (SSO)
  • Depending on the set up, Mapiq Now. 

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Always a meeting room within your reach!

Today’s office is a dynamic environment, where unplanned meetings have become the norm. Imagine you had a real-time 3D overview of all the spaces in your building showing the occupancy. You would never have to waste valuable space and time anymore. Most important features of meetings are: 

  • Live occupancy of meeting rooms with sensor technology
  • Integrations with booking systems (like Exchange) for an effortless booking experience
  • Suggestion based room booking 
  • Eliminate No shows
  • Search on the types of rooms you need

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Find the perfect workplace for your activity!

The workplace of today inspires a sense of freedom. People do not have fixed desks, teams are agile and office hours tend to be flexible. The downside? People spend too much time searching for free workplaces, often settling for something that does not suit their activity. Not anymore with Mapiq Workplaces. Most important features are: 

  • One overview of all of the workplaces in the office
  • Occupancy overview with sensor technology in Mapiq
  • Occupancy visualization at your desk
  • Search on type of workplaces


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Find your favourite colleague, anytime, anyplace!

The workspace has become more open and dynamic than ever before. Being able to work anytime, anywhere, provides great flexibility. However, this way of working often decreases the amount of face-to-face contact in the office. Mapiq’s technology with its unique twist, brings people and teams back together. Most important features are: 

  • Find your colleagues with state of the art Bluetooth technology
  • Let your colleagues find you
  • Easily switch your location on- and off

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Adjust any workspace to your preferences!

Today, everything is connected. Innovation in IoT technology has brought the comforts of home to the office. With a single swipe, the office environment adjusts exactly to your preferences. Personalized control highly contributes to employee’s satisfaction, connection and well being. Most important features are: 

  • Adjust your space with lights-, temperature- and blind controls
  • Find and open Smart Lockers
  • Easily report problems and issues with facilities

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Make data driven decisions about your smart building

The first step towards change is understanding how a building is currently being utilized. People, data, workplaces, everything is connected. Mapiq’s powerful analytics tool is used to change the way people use the office space. 

This powerful module helps you minimize no-shows, see workplace occupancy, identify underutilized spaces and reduce costs—all on a single dashboard. Most important features are: 

  • Building usage in one standardized dashboard
  • Customization insights with Smart reports
  • Anonymous data

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