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How can I have access to room controls (lights / temperature and blinds)

It is not possible to control temperature / lights and blinds when you are not inside the specific room. There are two ways in which Mapiq supports this: 

  1. With RFID or QR codes inside of the room, so you basically have to check in inside the room
  2. When you are checked in using Mapiq Now. In that case see the article about comfort controls in Mapiq now here.


For more information please see the Mapiq Web Controls section

How can I control AV in rooms?

You can use Mapiq to control the AV screens in your building. The locations that contain a Mapiq-compatible screen will show a card titled "Audio/Video controls" in the menu on the right hand side. You can access the screen in two ways. First of all, when you have reached the Mapiq app by scanning the NFC / QR tag in the screen area, you have also been given permission to operate the screen and get started right away. If that is not the case, you will see a message saying you do not have a "control ticket" for the screen. You can then enter the five-character code which is on the tag, to operate the screen. This mechanism is used to prevent accidental screening in a room where you are not present. 

How can I find free lockers (by VECOS)?

If your building has Vecos lockers, this will be indicated in the menu on the right hand side. The number of free lockers per floor will be indicated with a gauge. 

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