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I experience issues using Mapiq, what do I do?

Mapiq does it's utmost best to help you have the perfect day at the office. We're not perfect and sometimes something isn't working the way it should. In that case, please do the following: 

  1. We are always trying to help you get back on your way as fast as possible. Probably you can find answers in our FAQ or in one of our articles to see if you can find the answer there. 
  2. To help you as fast as possible, we have trained your companies services desk to solve most of the problems on the spot. So, first go to them. 
  3. If that doesn't work and you still need help, please sent us a mail on support@mapiq.com. To help solve your problem quickly please mention: 
    1. Your company (and building) 
    2. Which  functionality
    3. Which device and preferabily your current operating system
    4. A description of your problem

            We will let you know when your problem is solved. 

The shown information in Mapiq is not correct, what do I do? 

If information is not shown correctly in Mapiq, please let your servicedesk know. They will check this with your companies' wishes to see if it wasn't deliberate and will let us know. 

I've got feedback and suggestions about Mapiq, where can I let you know?

If you have feedback or suggestions for us, we would really appreciate it if you would let us know so we can improve your workdays. In Mapiq web you can always push the feedback button which you can find at the bottom of the menu ( see the figure below). Push the Mapiq logo and let us know. 

If you are not in Mapiq you can sent us a mail to support@mapiq.com or contact your servicedesk. 

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